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What shoe size is it? Guide to insole lengths


The possibility to buy shoes online is a convenient and practical option, so we often use it. However, we do not always know how to choose the size, so that the ordered shoes would not turn out to be too large or too small. The most common mistakes are incorrectly performed measurement of the foot, as well as suggesting the size given by the manufacturer, instead of the length of the insole. We present a complete guide to help you measure your size and choose the right pair of shoes.

How do I measure the length of my insole?

If the shoes you've ordered are too tight or too loose, the problem may be that you haven't measured your feet, or you've measured them the wrong way. To accurately measure the length and width of your feet, stand on a white piece of paper and trace the shape of both feet. It's very important to measure both feet. You may be surprised to find that one of them is even half a centimetre longer. This happens quite often. In this case, you will have to take the length of the larger foot into account when shopping. The way the shape is drawn is also very important. Very often we draw a line right at the foot, which is ultimately misleading. Hold a pencil or pen in a position perpendicular to the page. As a result, the shape you draw will appear slightly larger than your foot, but this is how you fit the insole.

Once you have the shape of both feet traced, draw a straight line through the middle and mark where your heel ends and where your longest toe ends. The distance between them is the length of your insole. It is also accepted that the insole should be at least half a centimetre longer than the length of your foot. So if, after measuring, you find that your foot is 24 cm long, which is shoe size 37, you should add half a centimetre and choose size 38 shoes instead. The same applies to men's shoes.

How do I translate centimetres into a specific shoe size?
Most of our models come in standard sizes as shown below, however, to help you choose a better size, we measure each model individually. We use professional measuring equipment to measure our shoes. When choosing the right size, the height of the instep and the size of the foot are also important. A person with a low instep and narrower foot may fit into a different size than a person with the same foot length, but with a high instep and wider foot.

Women's standard sizes
Insole length Shoe size

23cm 36
24cm 37
24,5cm 38
25,5cm 39
26cm 40
26,5cm 41

Men's standard sizes
Insole length Shoe size

26,5 cm 41
27 cm 42
27,5 cm 43
28,5 cm 44
29 cm 45


Remember that the sizes given are standardised and indicative. Here is how the length of the insole translates into sizes for those most in demand:

23 cm - what shoe size is this?
A 23 cm insole is shoe size 36.

24 cm - what shoe size is it?
A 24 cm insole is shoe size 37.

25 cm - what shoe size is this?
A 24,5-25 cm insole is shoe size 38.

25.5 cm - what size shoe?
A 25,5 cm insert is shoe size 39.

26 cm - what shoe size is this?
A 26 cm insole is shoe size 40.

27 cm - what shoe size is this?
A 27 cm insole is shoe size 42.

28 cm - what shoe size is this?
A 28 cm insole is shoe size 43.

Non-standard sizing

The most common size for women's feet is between 24 and 25 cm, which can correspond to shoe sizes 38 and 39. Depending on the manufacturer, a size 38 may have an insole length of 24.5 or 25 cm. With others, an insole length of 25 cm will already be a size 39. If in doubt, always choose the minimum larger shoe.

To make it easier to buy the right pair of shoes, let's compare sizing at popular women's footwear manufacturers.

Filippo, Filippo Premium, McKey:

Insole length  Shoe size

23,2 cm            36
23,7 cm            37
24.6 cm            38
25,8 cm            39
25,8 cm            40
26,2 cm            41


Marco Tozzi, Jana, Caprice, Rieker, S. Oliver, Eksbut, Sagan, Simen, Vinceza, Nessi, The Flexx:

Insole length  Shoe size

23 cm            36
24 cm            37
24,5 cm         38
25,5 cm         39
26 cm            40
26,5 cm         41


When it comes to men's footwear, custom sizes are used by Buster by Gregor, among others:

Insole length Shoe size

26 cm             40
26,7 cm          41
27,2 cm          42
27,8 cm          43
28,7 cm          44
29,3 cm          45


Foot width and shoe size

Sometimes it's difficult to find the right shoe because your foot is unusually wide. Therefore, before buying, also measure the circumference of the foot in the widest place and compare it with the length of the foot. If the circumference is equal to or half a centimetre more or less than the length, you have a standard foot width. If the difference exceeds half a centimetre, you should look for correspondingly wider or narrower shoes, which are offered by many manufacturers.

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