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How to choose the right shoes for different occasions at the hotel? Hotel savoir-vivre


The long-awaited vacation requires the completion of an appropriate closet. It's a good idea to bring not only your swimsuit, which will come in handy when you're on the beach, but also clothes and shoes for different occasions. Staying in a hotel involves the need to follow the dress code rules. Today they are much less restrictive than they used to be, but it is still inappropriate to wear certain outfits to breakfast or out to the bar. Unwritten rules are in place to ensure the highest level of comfort for all guests. What shoes to walk around the hotel in to avoid committing a faux pas? How many pairs are best to take with you on vacation? What formal attire looks like for dinner at a hotel?

Discover the rules of the dress code: shoes perfect for any occasion at the hotel

Going on vacation is associated with freedom and relaxation. Many people forget that there is a dress code in hotels. Its rules vary depending on the prestige of the premises. Five-star hotels in the city center have the strictest dress codes. Sometimes their employees ask guests to leave the restaurant if they are wearing inappropriate attire. In three- and four-star hotels, which are located in tourist destinations, the dress code is relaxed. However, this does not mean that you can enter a bar or restaurant in a bathing suit and flip-flops. Proper attire ensures the comfort of all guests and prevents problematic situations.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is eaten in a hotel restaurant, requires wearing smart casual attire. This means forgoing sweatpants, bathrobes and pajamas in favor of slightly more appropriate clothing. Women can opt for a dress slightly before the knee or a blouse and skirt before the knee. In addition, pants and a blouse/shirt are always a good option. It is recommended to abandon shorts in favor of a slightly longer bottom. A man can wear a shirt, chinos and appropriate footwear. It is worth remembering that the meal is eaten in the company of other people, so take care to ensure shared comfort, avoiding excessive display of exposed flesh.

Slightly stricter rules apply when dining at a hotel restaurant. In contrast, a gentle loosening of the dress code is observed at the pool bar.

Women's moccasins made of natural leather and their male counterparts are considered the perfect shoes for any occasion at the hotel. They stand out for their elegance and excellent sense of style. They can be matched with a dress, but also with linen pants and a shirt. They remain comfortable and breathable. They do not bruise the feet even during the greatest heat, when they swell due to water retention in the body. They take up relatively little space in luggage. Women's leather moccasins work well as shoes for exploring the city. Covering a dozen or more kilometers on foot in them is not a problem.

Choosing the perfect walking shoes for your hotel

Many people wonder what shoes to walk around the hotel in to fit the dress code. Much depends on its prestige and location. However, slippers are discouraged, as this type of footwear should not be shown to other people. They are used only during the stay in the room.

Men's and women's flip-flops, like sandals, can be worn in hotels that address their offerings to vacationers. They usually have slightly less restrictive rules. Most guests choose to dress more casually and no one is offended by it. The mentioned shoes are comfortable and breathable.

A good choice seems to be women's leather sports shoes, which do not uncover toes and heels. They provide freedom of movement and match many styles, especially when they come in white or black. Men, too, can afford sneakers and sneakers, provided they have not stayed in a five-star hotel, where moccasins are mandatory.

Sports shoes for walking around the hotel

When elegance is key - formal shoes for dinner at a hotel

Although vacations are associated with a loosening of the rules, there are some circumstances in which it is inappropriate to appear in casual styling. Etiquette experts recommend formal attire for hotel dinners. It usually has a slightly more solemn character, which should be emphasized by appropriate attire. What it looks like for men and women?

Ladies who are going to dinner at a hotel restaurant are advised to wear elegant dresses. They should not expose too much cleavage or legs. It is worth ensuring that they present themselves in a classy manner. The creation should be supplemented with leather pumps and a clutch bag. Evening makeup will highlight the natural beauty of women and perfectly fit into the hotel dress code.

Gentlemen should wear a shirt, suit pants and men's smart shoes. Some venues also require a jacket, although in summer in tourist destinations it can usually be dispensed with. Men's watch is considered a welcome accessory.

Dinner shoes at the hotel

Choose casual shoes for exploring hotel attractions

Hotels offer guests not only accommodation and food, but also many additional attractions. When planning a vacation, consider which items from the program seem interesting. This is because they require the completion of appropriate footwear. Women's and men's sandals work well for a walk in a beautifully landscaped garden. Sports shoes are worth taking with you to the tennis court or volleyball court. Men's and women's flip-flops will pass the test during an outing to a hotel spa. In addition to these, a bathrobe will certainly come in handy.

From the pool to the bar - fashionable shoes for relaxing in the hotel spa and evening meetings

Although an outing to the hotel pool bar is an informal situation, it requires adherence to elementary dress codes. Not everyone feels comfortable having a meal or a drink in the company of people who are wearing only a skimpy bathing suit. It is recommended to impose ordinary clothing on it. Women can wear a dress or top with shorts. Men only need a T-shirt and short shorts. In both cases, the styling will be completed with sandals.

It's a good idea to bring a bathrobe and flip-flops to the hotel spa. The mentioned set is characterized by practicality and convenience.

Shoes and attire for relaxing in a hotel spa

Multifunctional shoes for travelers staying in a hotel for a while

Some guests stay at the hotel for one night only. They do not enjoy its attractions, they just want to rest and have a meal. They need two types of shoes. For a hotel shower, bath flip-flops are recommended. By wearing them, the risk of contracting ringworm is reduced. After drying, they will work well as slippers. Some hotels allow them as corridor shoes. Others treat them as a fashion faux pas faux pas. It is worthwhile to take with you moccasins for women or men, which will pass the test in all circumstances.

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