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Which shoes for the office? 8 suggestions for comfortable shoes for the office

Chilly mornings make us think hard about which shoes for the office will pass the test in our case. There are a number of interesting models available, which are characterised by great wearing comfort. Shoes for the office can have a flat sole, a wedge or a heel. The choice depends on your company's dress code and individual preferences. Here are 8 suggestions of comfortable shoes for the office.

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Which winter boots to go with your dress to stay stylish and warm?

The dress is an extremely convenient wardrobe item in summer, as it saves us a lot of time. When we're in a hurry and need to leave the house quickly, just slip into it and match it with comfortable ballerinas. Outfit ready! The problem arises on colder days when we can't afford bare legs. What are the best winter boots to wear with a dress to keep you stylish and warm? What else is worth bearing in mind when putting together your outfit?

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Which shoes to choose for tights? A comprehensive guide

What shoes to wear with black tights? Are bright boots with black tights a fashion faux pas? What shoes to wear with red tights? These are just some of the questions women face when they want to wear a dress or skirt in autumn and winter. Cold days are not conducive to displaying bare legs. They need to be protected from the cold, and tights are ideal for this purpose. But you need to match them to your outfit. Which shoes to wear with tights? You'll find the answer to this question in our style guide.

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Waterproofing shoes - how to do it? Instructions for waterproofing shoes

Waterproofing footwear significantly prolongs its life and provides us with comfortable use. The process is not complicated, nor does it require a lot of work or time. However, you need to know how to go about it so that you don't make a mistake that will undermine your efforts or, worse, damage the material. We explain how to waterproof your shoes so that you can walk in them for as long as possible.

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Which boots to choose for the snow? A practical guide

As the cold weather approaches, we slowly start thinking about winter footwear. They should provide thermal comfort and protection from the wet, but also be fashionable and stylish. Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that only one pair will last us all winter. We will choose comfortable baggers or boots for work, snow boots for a walk, and warm heeled boots for an evening out. We suggest which shoes are best for the snow, and which will work when winter lets up a bit.

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Which shoes to choose for a women's suit? Elegant or sporty?

Almost all of us have a women's suit in our wardrobe. It is the basis of many outfits. Irreplaceable at work, during important family celebrations or formal meetings. Its looser, casual version has conquered the fashion catwalks and streets in recent seasons. It works perfectly at any time of year. However, the question we always ask ourselves is, which shoes for a women's suit will be the most appropriate? As it turns out, it is not only the cut that matters, but also the colour and the occasion for which we are preparing the styling.

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Fashionable shoes for the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season
The autumn-winter 2022/2023 season is off to a flying start! What cuts and colours will be most popular in the coming months? Which trends do we already know from previous seasons, and what will surprise us? Discover the most fashionable shoes for autumn and winter at Filippo! Here are the bestselling proposals for the colder days.
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What's the perfect pair of boots for winter? A guide to cold weather.

The Polish winter can be very capricious. One has to be prepared for both the 15-degree frost and sudden warming resulting in rapid snowmelt. In such conditions, the choice of footwear for the weather outside is of particular importance. Frost and dampness are the opponents of comfort. Slush and road salt, on the other hand, can cause permanent damage to footwear. So what should a good pair of winter boots have? Which cut should you choose to feel comfortable and stylish? Here are some tips!

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Which shoes to choose for autumn? TOP 10

Are you a fan of woollen jumpers, cashmere coats and high top boots? Welcome to the autumn styling lovers! Looking for inspiration for the season ahead? We tell you which shoes to choose for autumn to feel fashionable and comfortable whatever the weather outside.

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Rain boots - which ones to choose for rainy weather? TOP 5

You have probably had your shoes get wet at least once in your life. Even if you've managed to avoid catching a cold, you know perfectly well that it's an insanely uncomfortable situation. Shoes that catch moisture will wear out more quickly. A soaked lining can also be a source of odour. How do you choose rain boots to feel comfortable and look stylish even on cloudy days? Here are our suggestions for rainy weather.

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