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How to dress for a corporate event?
Attire for a corporate event is often quite a challenge, as we need to find a balance between elegance and casualness. Many of us also want to express our personality through outifit. How to reconcile all the elements, achieving a fashionable and appropriate styling for the situation? In our article you will find a handful of tips. We suggest how to dress for a corporate event to look attractive and feel comfortable. In doing so, we take into account various circumstances, after all, not every team-building meeting takes place in an exclusive restaurant. Sometimes it even forces us to wear sportswear.
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How to wear sneakers with a suit and elegant styles?
Until recently, sports shoes with a suit were considered a faux pas. The aforementioned item of clothing was only to be worn with elegant footwear. Times are changing, and with them the approach to the dress code rules. Nowadays, they are much less restrictive, so you can allow yourself a little more freedom when composing an outfit. Sneakers for a suit not only guarantee the highest level of comfort, but also break its rigidity. Help you express your own style by choosing footwear compatible with your fashion personality. How to wear sports shoes with elegant closet items to look classy?
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Fashionable shoes for the autumn-winter 2023/2024 season
The autumn-winter 2023/2024 season is off to a flying start! What cuts and colours will be most popular in the coming months? Which trends do we already know from previous seasons, and what will surprise us? Discover the most fashionable shoes for autumn and winter at Filippo! Here are the bestselling proposals for the colder days.
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Can shoes be worn without socks - on the bare foot?

Socks act as a fashion accessory, but above all they ensure proper hygiene for the feet. This part of the body is rich in sweat glands, which are involved in thermoregulation. On hot days, they secrete fluid to cool the body and prevent it from overheating. Unfortunately, this one contributes to an unpleasant odour when it is broken down by bacteria. In addition, the moist environment creates favourable conditions for fungi, which can result in the development of foot yeast infections. Socks absorb perspiration, so shoes do not get soaked with it. They are replaced with clean ones every day. At the same time, they reduce the risk of painful abrasions. How can you wear barefoot shoes to look attractive and avoid a lot of discomfort?

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What shoes and accessories to go with a burgundy dress?

The burgundy dress is considered the quintessential example of elegance and femininity. For this reason, it is a popular choice for celebrities who plan to appear on the red carpet. Women wear it for dates and business meetings, but they also like to wear it every day. Its deep shade allows it to stand out from the crowd, yet it does not look gaudy, but looks extremely classy. Even the company dress code allows maroon dresses. These come in many cuts and also differ in details, including the shape of the neckline, the length of the sleeves or the presence of decorative elements. Women often wonder which shoes to wear with a maroon dress will ensure a striking outfit. This article abounds with useful tips.

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What shoes go with a long dress?

The maxi dress is usually considered more elegant than the mini, and is therefore often chosen for formal meetings and events. Some women also like to wear it every day. This is due to their individual preferences and comfort in general. Not all women like to expose their legs. In addition, a long dress in some cases solves the question of the choice of shoes and tights. For example, the upper of boots or boots hides underneath the clothes, so you can't see that it crosses the leg in an unfavourable place. What shoes look best with a long dress? What should guide you when choosing them?

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How to take care of shoes? 7 universal shoe care tips

Favorite shoes are worth taking care of, so that they serve for several seasons. Finding the right model often takes a lot of time, since everyone has a slightly different anatomy of the foot. Proper care of footwear is the basis for accepting complaints, so it is worth exploring this issue to avoid the most common mistakes. While some solutions may seem comfortable, they contribute to the cracking and disintegration of fashionable sneakers or sneakers. How to take care of shoes so that they will serve for a long time and realize their full potential?

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Athletic shoes with a dress - 5 trendy looks for spring

A dress and sports shoes is an increasingly common combination that not only fashion influencers, but also Polish women employed in the office are opting for. The dress code has loosened up recently, which has opened up the field for many interesting looks that remain comfortable and utilitarian. Women's trainers in white and black are an alternative to stilettos, which put a strain on the spine and feet. What should you keep in mind when choosing sports shoes to go with your dress? This article acts as a comprehensive guide with 5 trendy styles for spring and summer.

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How to walk in stilettos and heels? Everything you need to know in one place

Feet look phenomenal in stilettos, which is why so many women choose to wear heeled shoes, even though they're not the most comfortable option. In order to perform well at an important event such as a wedding or a carnival ball, it's worth practising the correct posture and steps beforehand. However, it's important to measure your strength by what you choose, so women starting their adventure with this type of footwear should reach for a lower and thicker heel, which provides more stability. How do I wear stilettos to look classy?

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Shoes for evening dress - which ones to choose? We choose shoes for styling

Some occasions require a special setting - a wedding, New Year's Eve or a carnival ball is hard to imagine without a glamorous evening gown.  This one catches the eye and allows you to emphasize the assets of a woman's figure. It presents itself much more festive than a schmissile or skater dress, thanks to the materials used and sophisticated design. How to choose shoes for an evening dress to ensure not only a spectacular visual effect, but also to guarantee comfort?

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