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How to deal with the chafing stripes in sandals?


In summer, when the mercury rises, we like to reach for shoes with open toes and heels. Unfortunately, very often the first step out in new shoes ends with painful abrasions and blisters. What to do when sandals rub? We suggest!

Why do leather sandals or other shoes chafe the foot?

The main cause of chafing is ill-fitting footwear: too tight or too loose. Many people, especially in summer, also make one basic mistake: after coming down from the beach, swimming or leaving the pool, they put shoes on wet or damp feet. This is an easy way to damage the epidermis, but not only. In the summer, it is much easier to acquire fungal infections of the feet and nails. Sandals that rub your toes together with high temperatures and humidity can lead to the development of this very troublesome and difficult to treat disease.

Abrasions and blisters appear in places where the skin is in direct contact with footwear, including the heel, sole, metatarsal, near the ankle (if the abrasive straps in sandals are located in this area), and in the case of flip-flops also between the first and second toe.

The cause of chafing may also be the poor quality of footwear. That is why, especially in summer, it is advisable to choose flat sandals for women made of natural leather, which is flexible, air-permeable and adapts to your foot. Although leather sandals, when used incorrectly or in the wrong size, can also rub the foot, it is much more likely that shoes made of plastic will be the cause of chafing.

What to do to prevent your new sandals from rubbing your heels?

Are you facing a holiday trip, a cocktail party or an outdoor wedding? Do you want to be sure that your newly purchased heeled sandals won't start rubbing your toes when you least expect it? Sandals that rub your toes can spoil even the most glamorous celebration. It is worth thinking about the right foot protection in advance. What to do to prevent sandals from rubbing? There are many products available on the market, which protect feet against abrasions and blisters. In Filippo store you'll find, among others:

- BAMA heels and gel heels - these are products that will work perfectly even for shoes with an open heel. They'll protect your foot against mechanical injuries even during all-night play. Scratchy women's sandals are a thing of the past!
- BAMA gel insoles or gel pads - You want to wear wedged sandals, but you are afraid that the next day you will wake up with chafes and blisters? Discreet, gel insoles or pads are a great way to deal with abrasive sandals. It's a solution that works for shoes with open toes and heels.

What to do if your sandals are chafing your toes?

You already know what to do to avoid chafing, but what to do when you have already damaged your skin and the chafing sandals make walking difficult? First of all, you should take off the chafing shoes as soon as possible and let your feet rest. A bath with herbs such as sage or chamomile, which have antiseptic and soothing properties, may bring some relief. It is worth reacting as soon as possible. Abrasions are a prelude to more serious problems. When blisters filled with lymph fluid appear on the feet, each step will cause pain and discomfort. If the blister bursts, the wound should be disinfected and protected from dirt and mechanical damage. In case of recurrent problems with abrasions and blisters, it is worth going to an orthopedist who will examine the feet. If the problem is not only abrasive straps in sandals, but also a defect in posture, the doctor will recommend rehabilitation and selection of special orthopedic insoles.

Quick fix for chafing sandals

What to do when leather sandals rubbing, but we do not have the possibility of immediate change of footwear? Then it is worth using special preparations for abrasions available in drugstores or pharmacies. These types of products will instantly relieve pain and accelerate skin regeneration. In summer, especially when we go for a long trip, it is worth having with us patches for abrasions and blisters, which will bring quick relief to feet.

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