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How to refresh your shoes?


Shoes, especially those you love and wear often, have a tendency to smell, even if you take great care of your foot hygiene. Another problem is the collection of dirt in the folds and crevices, as well as taking care of demanding materials such as nubuck or suede. No wonder that sooner or later we face a dilemma: how to freshen up our shoes?

Which shoes can be washed?

Like it or not, shoes, especially covered ones, collect moisture, which is a great breeding ground for the bacteria responsible for unpleasant smells. It's also a perfect environment for fungi, so it's worth taking regular care of your favourite shoes to avoid infections. The easiest way to refresh your shoes is to wash them. Detergents will deal not only with dirt, but also with sweat and microbes. However, this method works only for sports shoes - trainers, tennis shoes or trainers, which will not disintegrate in a washing machine. Remember to take out the insoles and wash them separately. Often, this procedure alone will eliminate the unpleasant smell.

What and how to refresh the inside of your shoes?

If your shoes are not washable, there are still several options for freshening them. One method is to soak crumpled newspapers in essential oil (e.g. lavender) and place them in the upper. This method also works well when the shoes are wet - change the newspapers every few hours until the shoes are dry.

Lemon peel, tea bags or a cotton bag with coffee placed in the shoes will also absorb the bad smell. If you're not a fan of home-made methods, invest in antibacterial insoles or special deodorants. Specialized footwear preparations deal with sweat and microbes in just a few minutes.

How to refresh nubuck and suede shoes?

Suede and nubuck are noble but also delicate materials, which get dirty more easily. If you are wondering how to freshen up suede or nubuck shoes, you should first of all do it regularly. The basis is systematic brushing with a special brush made of rubber, which works like a regular eraser. The point is not to let too much dirt build up, which will be difficult to remove. Mud and salt stains should also be removed just as quickly. Brush your shoes gently and in the direction of the bristles.

On nubuck shoes, any greasy stains are particularly noticeable. Fortunately, such an accident does not mean that the shoes can be thrown away. Simply sprinkle talcum powder on the stained area to help. Another way is to prepare a solution of 10% vinegar and rub it very gently on the stain.

How to refresh leather shoes?

Even worn-out leather shoes can be restored to their former glory. The basic step is to wash them with glycerine soap and warm water using a soft natural bristle brush or sponge. Thoroughly cleaned shoes should dry naturally, away from heaters. When the shoes are dry, place a shoehorn or rolled up newspaper in the shoes and start degreasing. Without this step further renovation of the shoes will not make sense. We put a matting paste on the surface and fill in the scratches and cracks with a special rebuilding preparation. Only after the leather is completely dry, we can start polishing. Remember to polish the shoes with a preparation in the same colour as the leather. Colourless paste may show white patches in the crevices.

Can shoes be painted?

People who are wondering how to refresh shoes that are worn out should consider painting. There are paints available on the market for renovating shoes, which can be done at home. The shoes need to be cleaned first, and once they are dry, you can apply the included liquid with a special sponge. The next step is to paint the shoes with a brush and correct the imperfections with a thinner one. It's best to apply several coats of paint to the shoes to cover any streaks, and then spray-impregnate the shoes.

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