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How to wear boots to a skirt? Styling ideas


Nowadays, styling, in which boots are worn with a skirt, is very popular. However, not all women opt for such a solution, because they are not sure how to create a successful outfit, combining many different items of clothing. On the other hand, autumn and winter is the perfect time to create interesting layered outfits and complement them with the right footwear. How to wear boots to a skirt? In this article you will find ready-made styling ideas that you can be inspired by.

Boots and skirt are an extremely fashionable combination

Styles with boots and skirt appeared at many September fashion shows. Popular influencers and trendsetters decided to wear them. They became an inspiration for many women. Fashion lovers decided on different combinations, they wore boots with a long skirt, but also opted for midi or mini. What distinguished their outfits was the construction of layers. Often the collar of a shirt stuck out from under a sweater, and a vest was imposed over the whole thing. Such an elegant and somewhat school outfit was then broken in. Flat skirt boots introduced a fashionable flair with a heavier sole. Every woman can take advantage of this strong trend with her own preferences. Stiletto boots for a pencil skirt are a classic solution that will work well during meetings of a formal nature, such as a company board meeting.

The most fashionable boots - 3 styling ideas

If you've ever wondered whether boots go with a skirt, you already know that such a combination is part of the hottest trends of the current season.  On the basis of both items of clothing you will be able to create a lot of interesting styling. You can bet on heeled boots for a skirt, and then experiment with choosing the right top, topcoat, handbag or building layers. Below are ready-made styling ideas that can be slightly modified and customized.

Lace-up boots for an elegant skirt

Skirt lace-up boots are a noteworthy solution, as they allow you to adjust the width of the upper to your individual calf measurements. This is a great option for women who have a larger foot size and slim legs. This is because they often complain that with a size 40 the upper is so wide that it stands out unsightly, making it incompatible with formal outfits. When choosing boots for a pencil skirt, it is advisable to opt for lace-up ones, as formal meetings require more tailored cuts. The styling can be completed with a white cashmere turtleneck. To build a more professional look, it is also worth imposing a jacket in the color of the skirt.

Boots for satin skirt

If you are still wondering how to wear boots with a skirt, we have a rather original suggestion for you to use at a company Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or carnival ball. Satin is a strong trend this season. You can find it in many stores in the form of dresses, skirts, shirts and pants. Its shiny finish brings elegance and a touch of luxury to styling. In this case, a skirt for boots is also a noteworthy solution.  However, you need to pay attention to its length and color. A long satin skirt can completely cover the boots. However, it is worth taking care that the boots do not shine through from under the shiny material. Black boots to a satin skirt in a darker shade can be a good solution. This combination is worth combining with a matte top that has thin spaghetti straps. To avoid getting cold, you can throw on a beige cardigan. After all, satin clothes allow you to play with textures, this is what makes them look striking and classy. With a light maxi skirt, you need to choose flesh-colored boots, so that the boots remain invisible under it.

What to wear short boots with, and what to wear longer boots with?

Short boots will work well with long skirts and those of mini length. From under the former you can usually not see the shoes. The maxi skirt covers them quite well, so here you can easily avoid the effect of cut legs. However, with a mini length, it is worth ensuring that the tights appear in the same color as the heeled boots. Then you can get a natural extension of the vertical line, which will optically slenderize the silhouette and lengthen the legs. Long boots, on the other hand, are a noteworthy solution for midi skirts. Ideally, the boots should go under them. If there is a visible part of the leg between the shoes and the skirt, then the effect of the cut must be tried to conceal, reaching for opaque tights in the color of the boots. Mini and maxi lengths leave quite a wide room for maneuver. They fit both flat boots and boots on a post. Meanwhile, midi skirts shorten the legs, so you should try to optically lengthen them. In their case, heeled boots and boots on a platform are recommended.

Do boots go with long skirts and dresses?

Long dresses and skirts, including those with a pencil cut, when combined with boots, create extremely impressive styling. However, it is necessary to take care of the details that translate into the perception of the outfit. A maxi dress or skirt can be matched with boots with heels, platforms or even flat soles. Of course, by opting for boots that have an elevation, the desired effect of optically elongating the legs is achieved. Nevertheless, flat boots in the case of maxi lengths do not give rise to complications. Midi skirts, on the other hand, already pose a styling challenge, which will be discussed in detail in the following paragraph.

How to style boots with midi length dresses and skirts?

Pencil cut midi skirts have been promoted by show business stars. Undoubtedly, such creations emphasize feminine shapes, and at the same time look classy, as they do not expose the legs too much. Pencil midi skirts can be worn for formal meetings, combining them with a shirt and a jacket. It is worth noting, however, that the length of the midi raises a considerable styling challenge, since it optically shortens the legs and, if poorly put together, can deform the silhouette. For this reason, it is recommended to match them with long heeled boots, the top of which goes under the skirt, creating a vertical line. Women who do not feel comfortable on a stiletto also have a platform at their disposal. Kotur boots also optically lengthen the legs. If a piece of leg is visible between them and the skirt, mask it. Black heeled boots paired with black opaque tights save the situation in the case of midi skirts, when the upper of the boots turns out to be insufficiently high.

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