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How to wear trainers with a dress? 5 fashionable looks


Do you love feminine styling, but can't imagine wearing stiletto heels or pumps every day? Opt for comfortable and stylish trainers. Just like celebrities, you can combine them not only with casual elements of clothing, but also with romantic dresses and sexy skirts. Here's how to do it!

Do trainers go with a dress?

They're lightweight and insanely comfortable. They have a flat rubber sole, rounded toe and laces. Their nonchalant style is loved by women all over the world. Women's trainers are one of the most popular styles of footwear. Although they were designed for professional athletes, today they are worn by almost all women of all ages.

Katie Holmes, Emily Blunt, Reese Witherspoon, Kasia Tusk - movie stars and fashion authorities prove that trainers can be a stylish addition to almost any dress. Do you feel best in retro styles inspired by the 70s and 80s? Do you like to wear airy and feminine boho dresses? Or are you a fan of sporty elegance? Whatever wardrobe element dominates your wardrobe, make sure it doesn't lack classic trainers.

Trainers to go with a dress - a trend that never goes out of fashion!

Although, not so long ago shoes with a characteristic rubber sole reigned supreme in gyms, today they are worn by sports and smart casual style lovers. Trainers to go with a dress is a trend that fashion designers, celebrities and inhabitants of the world's biggest cities have fallen in love with. If your favourite trainers have so far only been worn with jeans or shorts, it's time to change!

Why are dresses with trainers such a popular trend? It's a combination that is not only comfortable but also stylish. Trainers will be the element that breaks the elegant styling and adds a touch of nonchalance to it. Textile flat-heeled shoes with a characteristic nose are synonymous with casualness, and until recently also rebellion against norms and conventions. Although today trainers are perceived slightly differently than in the era of American beatniks, they are still a symbol of independence and freedom. They are the perfect choice for women who appreciate both casual and stylish looks.


What kind of dress goes with trainers?

Whether it's a little black dress, a bomber, a flouncy dress, a tube dress or a basque, will trainers go with every type of dress? If you want to create a trendy dress + trainers look, it's important to remember that your look will be seen not only for what you wear, but how you feel in it. You could wear an empire dress with your favourite trainers and look like a million dollars at your best friend's wedding (or even your own!). In the same situation, you may feel uncomfortable with very high heels. If nonchalant styling is your thing, there's nothing stopping you from wearing your favourite trainers to a rock concert or a formal family celebration. The most important thing is that you feel like yourself.

Want to make sure you avoid a fashion faux-pas? The safest 'company' for trainers are casual dresses, e.g. a cotton dress with pockets and a drawstring waist, or a short-sleeved shirt dress that looks like it was borrowed from your partner's wardrobe. Complete the look with large sunglasses and a baseball cap. This is for women who are cool and casual!


Mini, midi or maxi dress with trainers?

Mini dress with trainers - hit or miss? This is the perfect way to create a sexy yet casual party look. If you want to optically lengthen your legs, go for a model with a low top. A short dress with trainers is for women who like casual styles.

Do you love knee-length pencil dresses because they accentuate your curves, but are afraid of being seen as too formal with high boots? Add a casual touch with red high top trainers. A midi dress with trainers is a great combination.

Is a maxi dress with trainers a good combination? If you have long legs and a tall frame, this is a great combination for you. This way, having flat shoes, they won't stand out from other, shorter women wearing stilettos. A long dress with trainers will be perfect for occasions requiring a bit more elegance, e.g. a painting opening or an author meeting.

Elegant trainers to a dress

Footwear manufacturers meet the expectations of women who look for a compromise between elegance and nonchalance. An alternative to classic trainers on a rubber sole can be slip on trainers made of natural leather. This is a proposal for women who create everyday stylisations in smart casual style. Elegant trainers without laces with a low upper will look great with both a pencil skirt and a dress with an envelope cut.


5 looks with a dress and trainers

1. trainers with a wedding dress

 High heels are sexy and optically elongate the legs. However, not all women feel equally comfortable and attractive in them. If playing on the dance floor for hours in high shoes would be a nightmare for you, bet on casualness and comfort. Trainers to go with your wedding dress is a trend that is growing in popularity. Light sports shoes (not necessarily white in colour) can be an alternative to classic stilettos, which are very often replaced in the middle of the wedding with more comfortable shoes allowing you to party on the dance floor until the morning. Remember that this styling only makes sense if trainers are worn by both the bride and the groom. Which wedding dress will go with sports shoes? If you decide to go for a slight extravaganza like trainers for your wedding, then be consistent and go for an unconventional outfit. Trainers will be the perfect complement to your wedding outfit if you are planning a pin-up style wedding.

2. Sneakers to go with your birthday dress

Are you planning to celebrate another birthday? Or are you going to a party for a loved one? If you want to be both elegant and comfortable, wear trainers. If you are having a party at home, go for a casual model. If you're planning a night out, wear a smart dressing gown or asymmetrical bottoms. 3.

3. trainers with a dress for an outdoor concert

Festival season is the time to show off your best outfits to the world. However, appearance is not everything! Comfort also counts when having fun under the open sky. That's why flat-heeled shoes, such as trainers, reign supreme among festival outfits. Match your favourite sports shoes with a light boho dress for a romantic look.

4. trainers with a prom dress

One of the most popular prom dresses is princeska, a dress with a fitted top and flared bottom. Paired with trainers it looks like... a rebellious princess who just escaped from the palace! If you sometimes feel like that, this is the perfect style for you.

5. trainers with a dress for the office

Even if you don't have a strict dress code at the office, it's worth remembering to go for a dress with a low neckline and shoulders covered. For the office, you can wear a tailored, envelope-skimming or pencil dress. Trainers add a casual touch.

Trainer colours with a dress

- White trainers with a dress

White trainers are a staple for spring/summer styles. They are perfect not only with pastels but also with slightly stronger colours. You can match them both with a classic little black dress and an airy green dress with tiny white flowers. A white dress and white trainers? It's the perfect look for the beach! Don't forget to bring a straw hat and sunglasses.

- Red trainers with a dress

Red trainers will make you stand out from the crowd! By choosing a model in an energetic colour, you can create many interesting outfits for different occasions. How about a total red look with a mid-thigh trapeze dress and high-top trainers? If you feel red is your colour, you must have this model in your wardrobe.

- Pink trainers with a dress

Pastel pink and coral are the most fashionable colours of the last seasons. They are associated with summer relaxation and carelessness. They are delicate and girly. Pink trainers go perfectly with romantic dresses. Lace is a must! Match pink trainers with beige or grey dresses. An original idea is to match coral shoes with a yellow or dark green dress.

- Black trainers with a dress

Black trainers are a timeless classic. Do you like styling with one colour? Create a total black look by pairing black trainers with your favourite 'little black dress'. Black is also one of the most versatile colours. So wear black trainers with any colour of dress. This is just one of the many arguments for having them in your wardrobe!

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