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Knee-high boots, what color to choose?


Knee-high boots are a timeless shoe model that owes its popularity to its simplicity. Interestingly, they owe their existence to the army. Yes, the first boots were created for men on the battlefield, so it is not without reason that they are considered very durable. This kind of footwear is basically nothing more than a simple, usually long and without unnecessary embellishments construction. Year after year, they not only maintain a steady level of interest, but nevertheless go up. Boots are also very graceful footwear that go with most of the other items in our autumn closet. In addition, through their size incredibly able to highlight and elongate the silhouette of our body. Today we will talk about the most fashionable styles of 2020, using this much-loved footwear. We will consider the choice of color for the occasion and the whole look.

Brown option

This color is the most popular choice, of course, right after black. We mentioned above that boots are a very versatile footwear when it comes to choosing styling. It is no different this time. The brown choice of this type of footwear, will work well with the same color in the rest of our look. The key rule is to rotate the shades. Caramel, beige, woodsy - these are just some of them. Classic brown boots, when combined with accessories and clothes in the above colors, can create an insanely neat and catchy styling, which, despite its simplicity, will surprise many fashion lovers.

A black classic

The darkest color possible, a simple shoe design and versatile weather resistance. Could there be anything better for the autumn season? Black boots are the unquestionable leader of every set for this time of year. Here we are only limited by our imagination, with a pinch of salt of course. You can match these black shoes with almost anything, but the more and more popular option is an elegant styling. A white shirt, classic coat and dark shoes will create a great combination. Such look will be perfect for evening outings and meetings in autumn.

Subdued gray

For a color that is not always appreciated we can definitely consider gray. This is the color which goes best with jeans and casual options. Are you looking for versatility for work, school or just every day? Grey is a great choice. Or maybe you are just looking for one pair of shoes which will be suitable for many occasions and the choice of styling is a secondary matter? This is the option that appeals to us the most. All kinds of basic accessories and clothes will go brilliantly with such boots.

Colorful madness

Autumn is commonly regarded as the saddest season of the year, and it's hard not to agree. But why should we look the same way. Let's not be afraid! This cut of footwear can be found in a wide range of colors, a little bit of fashionable craziness has not hurt anyone yet. Red, yellow or maybe purple shades. Such colors are perfect for events and parties, but also for everyday use. After all, the world belongs to the brave!

To sum up. Boots are a sensational choice for autumn days, and the choice of styling should not prove to be a problem. This kind of footwear can also tell a lot about us, through the wide selection. Nowadays, boots are very versatile shoes. You can find them in many color and size versions.

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