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Summer styling for the office - what footwear for hot days?


Summer is the favorite time of year for most Poles, as the sun's rays have a beneficial effect on the well-being of the. Its benefits are best enjoyed while on vacation. People who have to go to work in hot weather face many inconveniences. Getting there by bus or streetcar is not very comfortable. It's easy to get sweaty and feel stale. Proper styling for the office for summer avoids wet stains on clothes. We suggest what to follow when composing an outfit!

Table of Contents:

Hot weather does not exempt from office dress code!

What to wear to work on hot days when our company has a dress code? First of all, it is worth figuring out if it is as restrictive in the summer. In accordance with the rules of savoir vivre it used to be inappropriate to go to the bank or the office to put on a heeled sandals. Shoes that exposed the toes were considered unprofessional. Fortunately, today more and more companies are allowing them for the sake of employee comfort.

There are still places where, despite the high temperatures, it is not appropriate to show up without tights. It is best to bet on the thinnest ones with a thickness of 5 DEN, which resemble a mist. Wear them in the office and take them off before going home to avoid overheating unnecessarily. Companies generally provide air conditioning, so wearing hosiery is not so uncomfortable. Remember that tights automatically exclude sandals. Consequently, a better choice for them will prove to be ladies' lords. The mentioned shoes have a flat sole, which makes them characterized by comfort and convenience.

Sometimes men, due to the dress code, are obliged to wear a suit. When composing an outfit for the office in hot weather, they should pay attention to the type of material. In the summer, an elegant set made of linen, which is perfectly air permeable and cools the body, will work better. Your attention is recommended light-colored suits, which are less likely to attract the sun's rays than black ones. In the latter, you may experience a temperature 20 degrees Celsius higher than the actual temperature.

If your company has a less restrictive dress code, you can compose summer styles for work, taking into account more airy items of clothing. To the attention of women, we recommend shmisis and comfortable sandals on anchors. On the other hand, for gentlemen, short-sleeved shirts, linen pants and men's moccasins.

What to wear to work in hot weather? Examples of summer styling for the office

Each company formulates its own dress code rules. In some companies they are more restrictive than in others. Nevertheless, it's not appropriate to show up anywhere in a typical holiday outfit. Avoid short shorts, exceptions are Bermuda shorts paired with a blazer. Also, beware of deep necklines, strappy tops, short dresses, skirts and overly frilly clothes. As for footwear, typical beach flip-flops and flip-flops will also fail the test.

Below are summer styles for the office that are subdued and comfortable. Should be part of most companies' policies. You can always modify them slightly, for example, combine them with a scarf in the colors of the company.

Pre-knee-length emery, heeled sandals and a shopper bag

The outfit mentioned is very simple, yet striking. The shirt dress looks very elegant. If you opt for a creation made of cotton, viscose or linen, this one will provide you with excellent thermoregulation. It avoids wet stains and the unpleasant smell of sweat. Heeled sandals are an alternative to stilettos. Much better air permeability than built-in shoes. The shopper, on the other hand, will hold all the necessary documents and a tablet.

Blue short-sleeved shirt, flared linen skirt and basket-type handbag

In summer, forgo the pencil skirt in favor of flared models. Clothes that cling tightly to the body make us hot. Those with a slightly looser cut guarantee higher thermal comfort. Ensure that the short-sleeved shirt has a 100% natural composition. The admixture of elastane, nylon or polyester will quickly make you feel stale due to the unpleasant smell of sweat. Basket type handbag will bring a holiday touch to your styling.

White linen shirt, beige viscose pants and women's lords

Linen is one of the best materials for summer, as it shows high hygroscopicity. It is also great for air permeability and cooling the body. In addition, it is hypoallergenic. If it irritates your skin, opt for a shirt with a blend of viscose or cotton to soften the roughness of linen. Beige viscose pants are extremely pleasant and look elegant at the same time. The whole will be completed with shoes taken from the men's closet. Women's lords have a flat sole and a cut that remains foot-friendly when they swell due to hot weather.

Hot weather office attire for men

Blue short-sleeved shirt, beige linen pants and brown moccasins for men

Blue shirt is associated with a business outfit that expresses professionalism. In the summer, many companies allow short sleeves as long as the cut is not too sporty. Pair the shirt with beige linen pants, which guarantee proper air circulation. Brown men's moccasins will ensure your thermal comfort when you bet on shoes made of grain leather or suede. Thanks to them you will avoid the unpleasant smell of sweaty feet.

Linen jacket, cotton shirt, linen bermudas and men's leather shoes

A slightly modified suit set is allowed in some offices. Bermuda shorts are short shorts that end at knee height. They are worn together with a jacket and shirt. Outfits are completed by men's leather shoes, which emphasize its elegant dimension.

What shoes to wear to the office in the summer? General rules for selecting footwear for formal styling

Shoes for the office in the summer should not be associated with a holiday trip. If the footwear fits on the beach, it means that in the company it may be perceived as inappropriate for the position held. In companies with a strict dress code, be sure to:

  • shoes covered the toes, sandals and flip-flops get away with too little formality,
  • the footwear was subdued in color, falling into black, brown, beige, navy blue or gray,
  • the shoes were made of leather, which emphasizes prestige and professionalism,
  • for women's shoes, the heel should not be higher than 6 cm. An anchor at the front is seen as inappropriate and too sensual,
  • the footwear had an elegant cut.

The best shoes for the office in the summer

What shoes for the office in summer are both elegant and airy? Below we have collected some models of men's and women's shoes. Some fit into a strict dress code, while others are less formal in nature.

Shoes for the office in the summer - suggestions for women

  1. Heeled sandals are an alternative to stilettos, which have a more built-in design. Allow feet to breathe and provide greater comfort while working. Bring an air of elegance to business styling.
  2. Sandals on a platform optically slenderize the figure and lengthen the legs. However, they are much more comfortable than heels, as they guarantee even distribution of body weight. We recommend them to your attention if you have no experience in walking on stilettos. In addition, they will be great for women who want to relieve pressure on the spine and feet.
  3. Women's Lords is a proposal that brings the highest level of comfort to office styling. In their favor is the flat sole and the fact that you slip them on your foot, which takes only a few seconds.
  4. Ballerinas they balance on the border between elegant and casual footwear, which makes them an ideal choice for the office, where the strict dress code does not apply.

Shoes for the office in summer - inspiration for men

  1. Men's leather tied shoes are associated with the quintessence of elegance. They match with suits and work well for business meetings. For summer, choose a model with perforations that not only serve a decorative function, but also allow air to pass through.
  2. Men's moccasins is a slip-on shoe, which at the same time remains welcome during formal situations.

Elegant accessories for summer office styling

Summer styling for the office is complemented by elegant accessories. Women's attention is recommended:

  • silk scarves tied at the neck,
  • silver watches with jewelry design,
  • trunk type bags,
  • small screw-in earrings and subtle pendants.

When composing an outfit for the office in hot weather, men should reach for:

  • leather briefcase,
  • gold watch,
  • silk tie,
  • gold cufflinks (if they have a long-sleeved shirt).
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