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How do you clean mud from your shoes?


Getting muddy shoes happens to practically all of us, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. All it takes is one or two days of slightly worse weather and a moment of inattention. Stains from thick mud are usually very difficult to remove and it may turn out that shoes can only be thrown away. That is why it is best to act quickly in case of this type of dirt. First of all, try to make sure that the mud does not have time to dry. Otherwise the dirt will manage to soak into the material, which may make it impossible to clean the shoes completely. How to deal with such situation and how to remove mud from shoes? Here are some valuable tips!

How to clean suede shoes from mud?

We should clean suede shoes very carefully, because improper care can lead to their premature destruction. First of all, it would be necessary to understand the specifics of this material. Suede is untreated natural leather. Its characteristic feature is short hair, which does not tolerate contact with water and moisture very well. For this reason, it is extremely important to clean suede shoes regularly and impregnate them properly. And how to clean suede shoes from mud largely depends on how dirty they are.

If you take care of your shoes regularly, removing dirt from them should not be a problem. This is mainly about removing mud from the shoes. The key in this case is not only the systematic cleaning, but also how quickly you do it. And how to clean suede shoes from mud? In this case, we should categorically abandon the idea of washing them in a washing machine. For daily care of this type of footwear, it is best to equip yourself with a special brush, which will allow us to safely clean the suede shoes from the mud. A brush with delicate bristles is the best solution. In order to remove mud from the shoes, we should gently rub the dirty places.

How to clean leather shoes from mud?

Leather shoes look great. However, in order for them to serve us for a long time and be in good condition, we should properly care for them and carefully clean them. So how to clean shoes from mud? In this case the saying "prevention is better than cure" is true, because the faster we remove such dirt, the better. It is best to clean leather shoes at once, so a very practical solution is to carry with you delicate wipes or moistened cloths. With their help we can easily and above all quickly bring our shoes to order.

However, what should we do when we realize the dirt only at home? First of all, we have to remember that shoes made of leather do not like water, and mud is not only dense soil, but also particles of sand and gravel. Therefore, in order to clean leather shoes from mud, under no circumstances can we rub them with a cloth. This will give the shoes a kind of peeling, which will result in irreversible scratches on the surface. The basis is therefore caution. First, gently wipe off the dried dirt with a soft bristle brush. Then we can wipe the dirty places with a slightly damp cloth. In case of more stubborn dirt, plain water with a bit of soap should be enough. Clean shoes should be left to dry in a well-ventilated place.

How do you remove mud from other types of footwear?

Sneakers, sneakers or athletic shoes are particularly vulnerable to dirt regardless of color, because mud stains can be clearly seen not only on white models. So how to clean shoes from mud? First of all, we should not trust the popular advice from the Internet and categorically do not throw the shoes into the washing machine! Chemicals and warm water may cause separation of glued parts. It is best to wait until the mud dries first and then gently scrape off the dried layer. The remaining dirt may be removed with water and a delicate washing agent or special shampoo for shoes.


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