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How to dress for the plane?


The answer to this question is not so simple at all. We are traveling more and more, not only for vacation, but also for business. Sometimes the temperature at the destination is drastically lower or higher than that at the departure airport. There are also times when there is a really long, hours-long route ahead of us. In each case, you need to plan your outfit a little differently for an airplane flight. We suggest how to do it so that you feel comfortable, do not get cold or overheat.

Airplane attire - basic rules

Air travel for many of us can be stressful. In preparing for it, it is worth planning in advance also sthree to the plane, so as not to add further nerves during the trip. After all, we don't want to be too cold, too hot, or just uncomfortable. In this case, it's better to give yourself a big and super-fashionable styling for the plane, unless you are going straight from the airport to an important meeting. What to consider then?

  • Length of flight - The longer the route, the more comfortable our outfit for the plane should be. An hour-long flight in jeans and a tight blouse certainly won't do us any harm, but if we have a four- or nine-hour trip ahead of us, it's better to wear something as comfortable as a tracksuit, for example.
  • Destination - We will dress differently for the plane if we are flying to a meeting with a client, and differently if we are going on vacation and going straight from the airport to the hotel. In the former case, we will simply bet on business attire, and in the latter case, let's take care, above all, of comfort.
  • Weather at the point of departure and at the point of destination - conditions can be extremely different, so let's check the weather forecast in our destination before departure. The following will describe how to dress for an airplane when the temperature difference is very large.

How to dress for a plane in summer?

Surely you would like to avoid a situation where you disembark at your destination airport, it's raining, the temperature is less than ten degrees, and you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Be sure to check the weather forecast for your destination before you fly out. And what about when you return from a warm country to Poland, where the wind is blowing and the rain is jamming? Meanwhile, a few hours earlier, you were sunbathing in a bikini... For obvious reasons, we don't always want to take a jacket or insulated boots with us. How to dress for the plane when the temperature difference is very high? We do not urge you to wear jeans or sweatpants, but it is still worth wearing long pants, even if they are thin. You will thank this advice right away when you get on the sleeper and the air conditioning is turned on. For the same reason, think of a sweatshirt that you can pack in your carry-on luggage. Remember that even if it's very warm outside, it doesn't have to be that way inside at all. A dress can be quite a comfortable outfit for a plane for the summer. However, we must make sure that it is comfortable, breathable and made of good quality fabric, preferably one that does not crease. In summer styling for the plane under the dress we can wear short leggings.

How to dress for a plane in winter?

Here, too, the temperature difference is of great importance. We often wonder how to dress for a flight to Turkey, Greece or Spain when it's plague outside our window. If you're flying from a cool country to a hot place, it's best to dress in layers. Winter styling for the plane is a bit of a compromise. It's better to forgo the warmest jackets or pants and go for their lighter variants. A good idea on how to dress for a plane in winter is the onion way. You can wear thin, long or sweatpants over shorts or leggings. Rather, don't get carried away with sandals, even if the destination is above twenty degrees. Wear covered shoes, as the air conditioning will be on on the plane anyway.

Airplane pants

If you are wondering what are the best choice of pants for an airplane, we recommend, first of all, long and comfortable. Why not shorts, even if it's hot in both places? First of all, because it is rarely very warm on the plane itself. Mostly the air conditioning is on, and it is not uncommon, especially on long trips, to get cold. Besides, there is nothing pleasant about sticking naked to a leather seat! So the best pants for the plane are long and airy. When it's chilly, just put on a cotton tracksuit. If you are afraid of overheating, choose pants made of linen or viscose.

What shoes to wear on a plane?

The best shoes for an airplane are the covered ones. Unless you overheat really easily and quickly, and there is heat in both the outlet and destination areas. In most cases, the best choice will be light airy sneakers or leather moccasins. When the heat is on, opt for comfortable espadrilles. Airplane shoes are a very important issue. Many times it occurs to one of the passengers to take them off... This is not very elegant and not very cultural. On the other hand, a long flight in covered shoes is not a comfortable one. Fortunately, special airplane slippers are usually given out on long routes. You can also take soft, space-saving slippers out of the house. A certain compromise is also to move around the deck in just socks, but remember to keep them clean.

How to dress for a long plane trip?

We are increasingly flying long haul, even to other continents. Such an expedition, of course, requires special preparations. How to dress for a long plane trip? It's often the case that an intercontinental flight takes place at night, so we're likely to take a nap for at least a few hours. So let's make sure we're dressed as comfortably as possible for the plane. A good choice is a comfortable tracksuit or t-shirt and leggings and a sweatshirt. It's wise to dress in layers, especially if the weather is completely different in another country. Pack a lighter or warmer kit to change into at the airport in your carry-on luggage. And what kind of shoes for an airplane, in which we will spend many hours? Preferably lightweight, but covered. On board anyway, we get comfortable slippers for the plane and a blanket. Just in case, we can also think of a warm scarf or shawl to cover ourselves with. Some airlines on long-haul flights also give passengers mini-product beauty bags. This is not always the case, so you can pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on luggage in addition to your slippers.

Styles for air travel

On board it is all about comfort and thermal comfort. Usually, however, we feel best when we look good. Is there any styling for the plane that is both comfortable and fashionable? There is certainly plenty to choose from. Fortunately, comfortable sweatpants are in fashion all the time, so we can bet on such an outfit. Another option is colorful leggings, to which you will wear a t-shirt and sweatshirt. If you prefer something even lighter and are traveling in the summer, a good outfit for the plane, for example, are wide linen pants and a t-shirt with an interesting print. Instead of a sweatshirt, you can choose a comfortable, loose cardigan. You can also boldly wear leggings under a dress, and then easily get rid of them at the airport.

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