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What shoes to wear on vacation?


Ideal shoes for summer are light, airy and comfortable. Both sandals and sneakers can exhibit such characteristics. Depending on how you spend the summer months, your closet or suitcase should include several different models. We suggest what is best to walk in every day and what shoes to take with you on vacation.

Comfortable and practical sandals

Many of us are looking forward to the first warm day, when you can finally put sandals on your feet. These are the ones that come to mind first when we think of shoes for the vacations. They are useful both for everyday use and during summer walks or further trips. They are also the perfect shoes for the sea. However, let's remember that hot weather shoes must meet several conditions to make our feet feel comfortable in them. Sandals for everyday walking, I and those for further hikes must be, above all, comfortable. Be sure to check that the model you choose is selected with good quality material and does not bruise you anywhere. Although shoes for summer are lightweight, sandals should have a solid but flexible and stable sole.

Sandals with heels or platforms

The spring and summer season is full of events, so sometimes we need more outgoing footwear than comfortable flip-flops or sneakers. Therefore elegant heeled sandals or anchor are vacation shoes that can not be missing from your closet. The range of manufacturers is so huge that you are sure to find the right model for you. Just remember that shoes for summer must be, above all, good quality. At this time of year we expose our feet, and battered from uncomfortable straps ankles or fingers do not look attractive.

Espadrilles - the perfect shoes for the vacations

If you are not sure what airy shoes will be best for summer, think about espadrilles. It is difficult to count their advantages. Above all, they are lightweight and provide excellent air circulation. At the same time, they do not expose the feet too much. As a result, they can be worn and on cooler days, although they are also excellent shoes for hot weather. Espadrilles are an option for ladies who are not very comfortable in sandals, but still want to feel light and comfortable. Espadrilles are the perfect shoes for the seaside. Provide protection from the wind without overheating the feet. Most often they have a straw sole. When buying espadrilles, check if it was made solidly.

Sports shoes for summer

If you are thinking about what shoes to buy for the summer, you can not forget about sports shoes. Sneakers, sneakers and sneakers are a must have if you value comfort and freedom, but still want to look stylish. What sports shoes for hot weather will be the best choice?

  • Sneakers - great for wearing all year round, including in the summer. Sports shoes for vacation must, of course, be light and airy, so look for them from this angle. Check whether the fabric of the sneakers is air permeable so that your feet do not sweat excessively. Many companies have summer sneakers with perforations that facilitate air circulation. If you're wondering what shoes will pass the test for a rainy summer, think about sneakers made of waterproof yet breathable material.
  • Sneakers i sneakers - is another sports shoes, good for hot weather as well as cooler days. The lightweight fabric will make sure your feet have access to air. Both sneakers and sneakers are the kind of shoes for summer that you can match with almost any style. They look great when paired with jeans or joggers, as well as with dresses.

What shoes to take on vacation?

If you're planning a vacation, you're probably wondering a lot about the choice of footwear. What will work in the Polish mountains? What you will be most comfortable in if you are going to Egypt? And what shoes to take to Croatia? Depending on the weather, terrain and how you spend your time, you should consider several options:

  • Classic sandals with thongs or thin straps, the so-called "rompers" - the most traditional model of shoes for summer. Pay attention that the straps or thongs do not dig into your feet, and the sole is not too slippery. This is an excellent choice if you are planning a vacation to the Greek islands, Spain or Tunisia. Wherever there are lots of beaches, flat terrain, and you plan to mainly relax and not too strenuous walks.
  • Sports sandals - The straps holding the foot are usually made of elastic fabric, and the sole is thickened and adheres well to the ground. If you are wondering what kind of shoes for Croatia, trekking in Slovakia or kayaking, then sports sandals will be the best choice.
  • Flip-flops - will definitely come in handy on your trip. Of course, they are not suitable for hiking, but if you are looking for shoes for the sea or the beach, flip-flops will be an ideal choice.
  • Sneakers - As almost ideal shoes for vacations, they will perform well on almost any terrain. "Almost" because we do not recommend going to the mountains in them!
  • Lightweight trekking shoes - is the perfect summer shoe for anyone who loves mountain hiking. Summer trekking shoes are much lighter and much more breathable than their autumn or winter counterparts.

Shoes for a rainy summer

The weather does not always spoil us, but it is not worth worrying about it. It's better to just choose the right clothing and footwear. What shoes will be best for a rainy summer? As long as it is not raining too hard, you can confidently walk in sneakers or lightweight sneakers. When the humidity is really high, rather think of shoes made of waterproof but breathable material. Another option is cowboy boots. Made of leather, they will allow your feet to breathe while protecting you from the rain.

Shoes for summer - what to combine them with?

Ways to combine summer shoes with your closet are plentiful:

  • Sandals - look great with summer airy dresses, as well as shorts or long jeans. If you want to slenderize your legs, wear thong sandals and short denim shorts. Thin-strapped sandals also go well with long, airy hippie-style dresses.
  • Heeled and platform sandals - Elegant sandals on a platform or stiletto heel are summer shoes for ladies, who appreciate the formal dress code. You can confidently wear them with a suit or office pants, as well as a suit. Stiletto sandals are also an indispensable part of wedding styling. Choose sandals with silver or gold straps to dazzle your guests.
  • Espadrilles - Great shoes for the vacations that you can wear with denim shorts and those in navy style. Match them with a shirt or blouse with red or navy stripes to emphasize the coastal character of the styling. Espadrilles also go well with dresses - those long and mini ones.
  • Sneakers - As shoes for summer, they go well with jeans, linen pants, as well as dresses. You can wear them with combat boots, which are a common choice when warmer days arrive. They also go well with the so-called culottes, which are wide pants with a length of up to half a calf. Sneakers are great shoes for the vacations, matching loose, casual suits with wide pants and an oversize jacket.

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