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How to wear moccasins and platform lords? Styling


We love moccasins and lords not only for their comfort and their practicality, but also for their chic finish that adds to any outfit. It is worth knowing what is best to combine this type of footwear with, but also to play with different proposals. We suggest how to create tasteful classic and avant-garde combinations with moccasins on a platform and thick sole.

Where moccasins came from?

Wearing comfortable and fashionable, and often very modern moccasins, we rarely think about how long their history is. And it goes back, after all, to the indigenous Indian tribes living in North America. They were the first to create and wear quiet, extremely practical and comfortable brown moccasins, made of leather.

Soft, modern moccasins are also beloved by sailors. No wonder, they are not only comfortable, you can quickly slip your bare feet into them, and above all, their soles provide a good grip on the boat without scratching its surface.

Before the fashion for moccasins on a platform or thick sole took hold, the classic models became an integral part of the styling of Italians famous for their good taste. This fact alone guarantees that whether you choose platform moccasins or those on a thin sole, you will look stylish.

Lords, or luxury relatives of moccasins

It could be assumed that lords in a straight line are derived from the moccasins. After all, they have a very similar cut, albeit a bit slimmer, often with cutouts in the front. However, as it turns out, lords and moccasins with or without a platform don't otherwise have much in common. The former, as it were, evolved from... aristocratic slippers. Or, more precisely, from the comfortable slippers worn at home by representatives of well-born socialites. Maybe that's why lords are more elegant, often have additional embellishments or come in a lacquered version.

Platform moccasins - what to wear them with?

With traditional moccasins, it's not much trouble. The most classic styling is a simple pair of jeans or chinos, a polo shirt and moccasins worn on bare feet. At least in the case of men, but nothing prevents a woman from choosing such an outfit. And what can you wear platform moccasins and lords with? Below we will give specific examples of styling, but first let's discuss the basics:

  • Platform moccasins - in this case, the sole is elevated, but smooth and of simple form, without cutouts or embellishments. So this type of shoes will work well for formal and styling, such as for work or an important meeting. They go best with elegant pants, but you can also wear them with a dress or skirt. They also go well with jeans, provided we have a classic cut in mind.
  • Moccasins on a thick sole - we are talking about the so-called "chunky" sole, that is, a massive, somewhat tread-like sole. This is a very modern and avant-garde form of. If you are wondering how to wear moccasins on a thick sole, then you can allow yourself more extravagance. Such shoes go well with jeans of unusual cuts, such as bell, wide leg, or carrot. They also look great with wide skirts and even airy dresses.
  • Lords - As we mentioned above, they are quite elegant, so they will work best in classic combinations, such as with a casual suit or elegant dresses.

Moccasins on a thick sole - styles

We already know the basics, so we can move on to specifics. Styling with moccasins on a thick sole, "chunky" type is really quite a lot and basically we are only limited by our imagination and sense of taste.

  • Moccasins with thick soles and pants - in this duo, loose jeans, such as boyfriend cut, will work great. Roll up your legs to enticingly reveal your ankles, expose your shoes and add a casual and nonchalant touch to your styling. Another suggestion is moccasins on a thick sole and combat boots, in which the legs are finished with welts. In this case, you also expose the ankles, which is a big advantage, because it elongates the legs. To the moccasins on a thick sole will also look interesting simple pants with stripes on the sides. Still another option is "flare" pants, that is, with a flared leg, such as with a slit on the side. Let's remember that moccasins, thick sole or not, have their elegant pedigree. You can refer to it by adding a loose blazer or oversize jacket to your styling. A large denim katana or classic leather ramones will also fit perfectly.
  • Moccasins on a thick sole and a skirt - surprise everyone and combine moccasins on a chunky chunky sole with a short pleated skirt. Be sure to add white or fancy socks or knee socks to the mix. You can easily wear a dress or skirt of any length with such shoes. Moccasins on a thick sole and mini are a very fashionable and eye-catching combination.

Platform moccasins - styling

The platform is usually a bit softer and simpler in form than the chunky sole. So we can wear such shoes for more formal occasions. However, let's not forget that these are still quite "offbeat" shoes, so it's worth playing with the styling.

  • Platform moccasins and pants - Opt for classic chinos in cotton or linen. If you want to inflict chic, look for pants that refer to the style of the 50s. You'll recognize them by their accentuated hips and elevated state. They also often have fancy darts. Another option is platform moccasins and sleek black wide leg pants. For both versions, an interesting addition would be a short Chanel-style jacket or a tight, unbuttoned wool sweater.
  • Platform moccasins and skirt or dress - Opt for an airy floral dress with ruffles and beige platform moccasins. Another option is a flared, pleated midi length skirt. Wear a classic long coat with it. Platform moccasins and trench are in a class of their own. In such a style you are sure to impress. A long, loose cardigan or oversize jacket would also be a great option.

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