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Which shoes for the office? 8 suggestions for comfortable shoes for the office


Chilly mornings make us think hard about which shoes for the office will pass the test in our case. There are a number of interesting models available, which are characterised by great wearing comfort. Shoes for the office can have a flat sole, a wedge or a heel. The choice depends on your company's dress code and individual preferences. Here are 8 suggestions of comfortable shoes for the office.

Features of comfortable shoes for the office

Highly popular among working women are Flat-heeled ankle boots. These provide an extremely comfortable solution, as we move around in them with ease. After 8 hours spent in front of a computer screen, we don't suffer from back pain either. Flat boots for the office are a great solution for women who move around a lot at work. For example, they coordinate the work of different departments and traverse stairs many times during the day. Women's office shoes should also be properly shaped. A heel counter that rubs against the back of the foot even when measured or a front that puts pressure on the little toe are disqualifying factors.  At work, minor footwear defects can become extremely bothersome and affect the ability to concentrate.

Autumn shoes for the office should also be the right size. If you're ordering them online, pay attention to the tables that tell you the insole length. In a situation where the footwear for the office is "on the size" when measured on a thin nylon foot, it is better to consider a different model. We need to take into account that we will be wearing thicker socks or 100 DEN tights in cold weather. These will make our foot thicker and there will be discomfort from pressure.  Comfortable women's office shoes should also take into account our individual health problems. Ladies who suffer from hallux valgus should avoid boots with a pointed front; in their case, square-shaped ones will work better.

Sports shoes for the office - are they appropriate?

When we think about what shoes would be best for the office, we usually reflexively mention half-shoes. These we usually associate with a smaller or higher heel, which not only slims the figure and optically lengthens the leg, but also remains in line with the strict dress code that applies in some companies. However, times change and so do dress codes. More and more companies are recognising sports shoes for the office as the optimal solution. An employee who is uncomfortable wearing half-heeled shoes often proves to be less productive. It is therefore worth ensuring that nothing distracts from her tasks. Flat shoes for the office with a more sporty character are acceptable in many corporations today. They are combined with a blazer, shirt and cigarette trousers. This business casual combination looks quite elegant and is comfortable to wear at the same time. If you value comfort above all else, opt for flat shoes for the office in the form of sneakers or boots.

Flat shoes for the office - is it a must?

We usually equate comfortable shoes for the office with a flat sole. Meanwhile, we can opt for a more elegant model that does not cause discomfort at the same time. The following are perfect for this role platform shoes. Women who don't feel confident in heeled shoes appreciate the anchor, which allows their body weight to be evenly distributed. Platform shoes optically lengthen the legs, especially if matched with tights or trousers in the same colour. Moreover, they draw attention away from broader shoulders or hips, balancing the proportions of a woman's figure.  Shoes for the office should be kept in subdued, uniform colours. Black, beige, navy and grey women's boots work best.  If you feel comfortable in heeled shoes and move with real grace in them, you can choose a tailored model. Boots with a thicker block heel can also prove comfortable provided you choose a few centimetres of elevation. We advise against stilettos of several centimetres, as these can prove tiring during the 8 hours spent in the office.

What shoes for the office in autumn and winter?

In recent years we have seen an increase in average temperatures in December and January. Winter is relatively warm, so boots for the office with a suitably thick sole and warming lining can be a great option. However, if your place of employment is quite cold or you frequently move around town to run errands, opt for women's boots. These can extend past the knee (musketeers) or end before the knee. Currently in fashion are the wider uppers typical of cowboy boots, but you will also find tight-fitting ones in the shops. The former are suitable for less formal outfits, while the latter are ideal for business outfits. Shoes for the office should not only be comfortable, but should also be suitable for the prevailing temperature conditions and the dress code.

What other shoe models work well for the office?

Ankle boots are highly underrated shoes for the office that go with both elegant and casual outfits. However, you should opt for a model that is characterised by simplicity. Smooth grain leather or suede always looks classy. Avoid ornamentation in the form of logos, shiny accessories or original patterns.  Women's boots can have a higher or lower upper. If you appreciate immortal elegance, bet on the Sagan model made of leather. Black is always associated with office styling, if you add a simple form and a low heel you get the perfect footwear for the office. Platform boots, too, but free of the tractor finish, can be the perfect solution to business styling for autumn. When choosing shoes for the office, care should be taken that they are not too shiny or contrasting. However, we can reach for these types of models in our free time to spice up our styling.

Should you change shoes for office work?

Changing shoes for the office is a necessity in many cases. While there may be a heavy frost outside the window, closed, heated rooms usually record quite high temperatures. Musketeers, which reach behind the knee, can be the ideal footwear for the route to the office, but sitting at your desk in them risks overheating. If this is the case, it's worth taking moccasins or ballerinas to the office. When we arrive at work, we can swap the glamorous bow-tie boots or insulated flat boots for less built-in footwear. There may also be a strict dress code at our company. Whatever the season, flesh-coloured 6-cm stiletto heels must be worn. You won't be able to wear them to work if it's snowing and the thermometer reads negative. However, we can wear them in a closed room and put them in our locker and lock them before leaving. The office shoes we use on a daily basis should be cleaned regularly, as our professionalism also consists of looking neat.

8 suggestions for comfortable office shoes for autumn

Women's autumn shoes They come in many interesting cuts and colours. We would like to recommend some of them to you. We have selected a variety of models especially for you, and we present their photos below. In our offer you will find the Filippo Premium collection, produced in Poland, which was created for demanding clients who rely on top quality shoes for the office, including women's half-shoes.

  1.      Black Filippo boots in eco-friendly leather


2.      Filippo leather slip-on half shoes


3.      Sagan leather boots with lacing


4.      Filippo beige leather heeled boots with elastic band


5.      Black Filippo openwork boots on platforms


6.      Black leather wedge heeled slip-on shoes


7.      Filippo black leather sable boots


8.      Brown Filippo boots in eco-friendly leather


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