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What shoes and accessories to choose for a blue dress?


A blue dress is the perfect choice for both everyday, for work and for bigger outings such as weddings and proms. Depending on the shade, this colour suits both light blondes and fiery brunettes. Add the right accessories to your blue dress for a unique look. Read our guide and find out how to mix and match the colours to create an unforgettable effect.

A blue dress - perfect for any occasion!

Polish women love blue dresses, and no wonder. This colour accentuates our beauty type and comes in so many shades that each of us can choose our favourite: blue, azure, cobalt, navy or sea blue. Depending on whether we have light or dark hair and eyes, we will feel more comfortable in different tones.

This colour palette also suits a variety of occasions. Cool, silvery or dove blue is ideal for everyday wear, work and business meetings. A wedding dress in this shade will enhance the beauty of a bride with platinum hair. Cobalt or azure will make a splash at a party or wedding. A lot depends on what accessories you opt for with your blue dress. We are not only talking about shoes and a handbag, but also jewellery, scarves, shawls or headwear.

We can transform our look each time, depending on whether we opt for stilettos for a blue dress or trainers, a beach bag or an elegant clutch bag, a modest chain or ethnic earrings.

What colour shoes to choose for a blue dress?

Most of us, when composing an outfit, start with the choice of footwear. When it comes to shoes for a blue dress, there is a lot of scope here. It all depends on what effect we want to achieve.

White shoes with a blue dress will add lightness to our styling, making it look fresh and also festive. This combination will work especially well for formal occasions such as weddings, communion or christenings. If you want to look elegant but not so glamorous, opt for beige or cream shoes to go with a blue dress. It's an almost perfect duo that will add a touch of chic and class to your look.

A great combo when it comes to formal office attire is black or navy shoes with a blue dress. This is a classic, but remember that it will add a certain stiffness and formality to your look. If you prefer bold combinations, opt for red or cherry stilettos for a blue dress. These colours work together as contrasts and are eye-catching. On the other hand, silver or gold pumps to a blue dress is a hit if you're going to a banquet, wedding or New Year's Eve party.

Shoes and accessories for a blue dress - how do you choose them?

The shoes, handbag, jewellery and other accessories for a blue dress are chosen primarily according to the occasion, our beauty type and the effect we want to achieve. The more subdued combinations, e.g. cream shoes to a blue dress, give a more restrained and modest impression. Such combinations are best for work and everyday wear.

The colours are most suitable for blondes, redheads and light-haired women with delicate skin types. Brunettes can go for stronger accents, such as amaranth shoes with a blue dress in a darker shade.

We have much more freedom when choosing casual footwear and accessories. Blue is a great everyday colour and we can confidently match it with trainers, trainers, heeled sandals czy loafers in different colours.

Blue dress - choosing shoes and accessories

Pastel colours beautifully accentuate the beauty of ladies with fair skin and hair. When it comes to accessories and shoes for a blue dress, white, beige, silver and gold are ideal. You can, of course, opt for shoes in the same shade as your creation, but you will look a bit monothematic, maybe even boring. Beware of pink shoes for a blue dress. It's not a forbidden combination, but it's easy to fall into kitsch, so you need a lot of feeling. If you like stronger and surprising accents, go for coral accessories and shoes with a blue dress.

Short blue dress - what shoes and accessories to choose?

A mini is a great choice for a party, this one more or less elegant. The final look will depend on what accessories you choose to go with your blue mini dress. Cowboy boots and a hat are a good idea if you're going to a festival. For the disco, trainers or sneakers will work, while sandals are a good option for a walk or a date.  

What shoes to opt for with a blue mini dress if you're planning an elegant outing? Opt for modest accessories. Delicate gold or silver jewellery and heeled sandals will add a chic touch.

What shoes and accessories for a long blue dress?

The maxi length has its own rules. Stronger and more expressive accents go with it. Here too, cowboy boots or even boots work well. You'll look great wearing flat shoes with a blue maxi dress. Match with a long pendant, large beads or ethnic earrings.

Blue lace dress - how to choose shoes and accessories?

Lace is so striking that it's worth opting for more modest accessories for a blue dress. Think classic, delicate gold or silver jewellery and shoes in the same colour. If you're going for a bigger effect, opt for one strong accent, such as long, dangling earrings.

Accessories and shoes for a blue dress for a weding party

Blue, navy or cobalt are a hit when it comes to the colour of wedding creations. What shoes will look best with a blue dress for a weding party? It's up to you whether you opt for classic stilettos, elegant sandals or comfortable ballerinas. If you prefer subdued combinations, go for the classics: gold, silver or white. Black or blue shoes with a dress of the same colour will look elegant, but not very glamorous.

If you like to stand out, look for bolder combinations. Blue pairs well with burgundy and coral. Red stilettos with a blue dress will give a 'wow' effect.

Remember that the more glamorous the outfit, the more modest the jewellery, shoes or handbag should be. On the other hand, a more subdued dress calls for stronger accents, e.g. hanging earrings with crystals or a clutch bag in a distinctive colour. Brocade stilettos with a blue wedding dress are also a good idea.

Prom and blue dress - choose your shoes and accessories

Dawno minęły czasy, kiedy na studniówkach królowała czerń. Na pewno nie będziesz odstawać od reszty, jeśli zdecydujesz się na inny kolor. Jakie buty do niebieskiej sukienki na studniówkę wybrać? W czarnych będziesz prezentować się trochę sztywno i smutno, jak na swój wiek. Studniówka to w końcu wesoła impreza, podczas której warto świętować i bawić się. Dlatego proponujemy złote lub srebrne szpilki i dodatki do niebieskiej sukienki. W Twoim wieku śmiało możesz kombinować z połączeniem błękitu i różu. Duetem idealnym jest zawsze niebieski i beżowy.

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