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Which shoes to wear with a red dress? 10 styling suggestions


The red dress is a timeless classic. It is worn by actresses, models, singers and even members of the royal family - Cindy Crawford, Michelle Rodriquez, Reese Witherspoon, Bella Hadid and even Duchess Kate. However, stylists know very well that this is not an easy colour. What shoe colour goes well with a red dress? Find out and create a look worthy of the red carpet!

What shoes go with a red dress?

A red dress is insanely feminine and sexy. After all, red is the colour of love and passion. And - just like love - it has many names! Coral, tomato, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blood, crimson, burgundy... Even if you're not a fan of the classic blood red, that doesn't mean you have to give up on it altogether. Just find a shade that you feel more comfortable in, but still feminine and sexy.

Think red dresses only go with stiletto heels? Not at all! A lot depends on the cut of the dress and the occasion. For a red empire style dress with a thigh-high slit, high heels are a natural 'companion', but for a red cotton dress with a hood you can wear your favourite trainers or ballerinas. The red dress can be worn whatever the season. It looks great both in spring/summer and autumn/winter season. Depending on the cut, it goes perfectly with summer accessories and winter Santa Claus scenery.

Shoe colour for a red dress - which one to choose?

Do you feel great in red? Energetic colours underline your fiery temperament, but you don't know what to mix and match with red dresses that are hanging in your wardrobe? We have good news for you, the red top can be matched with both dark and light bottoms. Any of your red dresses will look good with black and white shoes. And what about red? Is the total red look still on trend? Definitely yes! But black, white and red is not the end of the story. You can also wear a strawberry or tomato dress with beige, grey, brown or even honey-coloured shoes. You can also combine it with pink or even... green! A red dress looks even more regal when accompanied by gold.

Shoes for a red wedding dress - which ones to choose?

Since red is the colour of love, you can't miss it at your wedding! Are you looking for shoes for this special event, which will match the red dress you bought especially for this occasion? If you want to tone down the look a little, go for shoes in a light, versatile colour such as beige or cream. Black is also a safe choice. However, if you like a bold look, there is nothing stopping you from creating a total red look by combining a dress and shoes in the same colour. Do you like to experiment with fashion? You can play with different shades of red by pairing a blood-red dress with coral-coloured shoes. Another interesting combination is a red top and a dark green bottom, for example a crimson dress and bottle green pumps.

And what about the cut? The most common choice is of course stiletto heels. These are shoes which emphasise all assets of the silhouette and optically lengthen legs. They go with dresses of different lengths: mini, midi and maxi. But this is not the end of the possibilities! If you don't feel comfortable enough in high heels, go for elegant ballerinas, flat pumps or platform sandals.

Shoes and a red dress - 10 styling suggestions

1. a red floral strapless dress with beige sandals

This is a summer-ready look! Pair the same red flowy dress with bright flat sandals if you're going to the beach, or stilettos if you're going to a beach party.

2. red maxi dress and red heeled pumps

Looking for an outfit for a special occasion? Create a sexy and feminine total red look and we promise you'll attract all eyes.

3. red midi dress and gold sneakers

Do you love the smart casual look? Choose a red knee-length dress and pair it with gold sneakers. The wow effect is guaranteed! This is the perfect everyday look if you're comfortable but still like to feel like a New York street star.

4. red hooded dress with white trainers

Match a red dress with sporty shoes. The blood-red or raspberry colour contrasts perfectly with the snow-white shoes. This makes you look feminine and comfortable at the same time.

5. a red buffalo dress and brown cowboy boots

This is for those ladies who love nonchalant styling. Red works well with all shades of brown. And the buffet sleeves are a real eye-catcher!

6. red long-sleeved dress with black stiletto heeled boots

This is a classic festive look. It's perfect for a Santa session and a Christmas get-together with friends. Red and black is a timeless combination. This is a proposition for women who are not keen on fashion experiments and opt for classics.

7. red midi dress with a boat neckline and grey suede stiletto heeled boots

Looking for inspiration for an elegant office look? A burgundy coloured dress will look great paired with grey boots. Classic, but intriguing!

8. red princes and pink stilettos

Do you feel like a princess deep down (only you're still missing your castle and crown)? In a red princesse and pink stilettos, you'll forget you don't have your royal attributes with you!

9. red trapeze dress and honey moccasins

Do you like energetic colours but find it hard to find a cut that fits your figure? Opt for a red trapeze dress. You can match it with honey moccasins. This original combination will draw attention to any figure imperfections.

10. red dress with halter neckline and écru platform sandals

Looking for a summer look? The halter neckline reveals sexy shoulders and the platform sandals elongate your legs. The red top and neutral bottom complement each other perfectly.

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