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What shoes and accessories to choose for a green dress?


Green in various shades is one of the top colours in recent seasons. However, regardless of fashion and changing trends, it's worth having one or even several dresses in this colour in your wardrobe. Why? Because it suits many occasions, and each of us can choose the shade that emphasises her beauty type. Of course, the whole look won't be complete without the right footwear. In this article, you will find out which shoes go with a green dress and what it depends on

A green dress? It's a great choice!

The green dress has more than one name. It can be the base for a wide variety of looks, from casual, formal and business styles to big outings and balls. The question of what shoes to choose to go with a green dress is completely on point, as they often determine the final image. However, before we get to the most fashionable styles, let's take a look back. One of the most famous green dresses in history is probably the one belonging to the famous film Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind, played by the fascinating Vivien Leigh. It is about the creation which Scarlett, for lack of money for the right material, had sewn herself out of... velvet curtains. The idea turned out to be a hit, as the effect was stunning. Today, the most famous green dress is the Jungle Dress from Versace, which Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000. The singer repeatedly emphasised in interviews that this daring creation contributed to her career breakthrough. It would be hard to find more irrefutable proof that a green-coloured creation is a good choice when you want to make an electrifying impression. Equally important will be which shoes we choose to go with the green dress. For the Jungle Dress, JLo opted for silver sandals with heels and thin straps. However, this will not always be the best choice. Why? We explain in the following paragraphs.. For Jungle Dress, JLo opted for silver sandals with heels and thin straps. However, this will not always be the best choiceór. Why? We explain in the following paragraphs.

Short or long green dress - which is better?

It's always a good idea to adapt the length of your outfit to the occasion and how you feel about a particular style. An airy knee-length dress is suitable for everyday wear and for work. A mini dress can be worn to an event, even a more elegant one such as a wedding or a family anniversary. The midi length is a good idea for going out with friends, to the office or on a date. Midi dresses with a wide bottom, pleated or plain look particularly beautiful. A long green dress will make an impression at official ceremonies, galas, banquets and weddings, but it will also work well in an everyday edition.   Of course, the answer to the question of what shoes go with a green dress also depends on the length of the dress. The most sensitive is the midi length, which is about mid-calf length. The point is that only a small section of the legs is exposed, which will optically shorten them if you choose shoes with an upper that ends more or less in the same place. That's why you should either wear high boots or jackboots with midi dresses, or shoes with a cut-out top - stilettos, pumps, sandals or ballerinas. And what shoes to wear with a green maxi dress? Boots and high boots will make the whole look tough. If you're going to a party, go for stilettos, pumps or heeled sandals. This type of footwear will also work well with a mini.

Which shoes to choose for a green dress?

We already know that green is a great choice for a variety of occasions. However, the question remains, what colour of shoes will work best with a green dress? There are colours that go well with green or highlight it as a contrast, and this should guide your choice of footwear. Black stilettos or stiletto pumps will make our creation very elegant and formal, but to some it may seem a bit drab or conservative. White heeled shoes or sandals are also a good choice. On the other hand, for a safari style dress (khaki and tumbling brown colour), brown pumps, sandals or platform shoes are ideal. And what shoes go with a green dress for a big night out? Here we can go wild and even go extravagant. We recommend gold stilettos, heeled sandals or stiletto pumps also in this colour. Those who like bold and unusual combinations will love the combination of a green dress with plum or amaranthine slippers.

Boots for a bottle green dress

Bottle green is a very fashionable and extremely in-your-face colour, accentuating most types of female beauty and complexion. What shoe colour to go with a green dress in this shade? Certainly a good choice would be camel brown, various shades of beige, classic black or bold fuchsia. White pumps will brighten up the whole look and break up the dark shade.

Shoes for a green floral dress

Flowers and greenery to a perfect combination, especially for summer. As floral patterns are striking enough, when it comes to footwear, it is therefore worth keeping things moderate and minimalist so as not to create the impression of chaos. In this case, what shoes go well with a green dress in a violet or buds? Avoid those with rhinestones or appliqués. Go for simplicity. Strapless sandals on a flat sole or heel, stilettos and pumps. Match your floral summer outfit with ballerinas, trainers or low-top sneakers.

Shoes for green lace dress

Lace is a great choice for big outings - weddings, balls, anniversaries, banquets. It's formal and chic, so we should match it with footwear with the same qualities. What shoes to wear with a green lace dress? In this case, we can bet on delicate embellishments or crystals. Classic stilettos or stiletto pumps emphasise the elegant style.

Shoes for a dark green dress

Dark green will look good on formal occasions, such as at the office, as well as at a formal event. What shoes will work best with a dark green dress? If it's a work outfit, classic black or brown - in shades ranging from beige to cognac - will work well. Dark green and flesh-coloured stiletto pumps are a hit. If you like unusual combinations, opt for plum sandals or stiletto heels.

Shoes for a green wedding dress

If you're wondering what shoes to choose for your green wedding dress, we advise a little extravagance. Opt for gold or silver stilettos or sandals with thin straps. Flesh-coloured pumps will also look great if you prefer a more classic look.

Green dress accessories - how to choose them?

Green is a graceful base when it comes to choosing accessories. We recommend this season's trendy stones and crystals - practically any colour will work. Another option is a few gold necklaces in various lengths, but if you prefer silver, there is nothing to stop you either. Both brown and white accessories go well with a green dress. You can also break up the colour with a bold contrast, such as warm red, plum or fuchsia. An emerald dress and cobalt-coloured accessories will make an interesting combination.

Styling with different shoes and a green dress

Looking for inspiration and wondering what shoes go with a green dress for different occasions? Here are our ideas:

  • For work and school - we recommend the classic and very trendy safari style. Create it by wearing a simple, preferably linen button-down dress in a khaki shade. Short sleeves, a collar and breast pockets are ideal. Match this outfit with brown sandals, platform shoes or khaki pumps.
  • For a wedding or other event - choose a dress in a shade of intense emerald green and break up the look with cobalt stilettos and a handbag also in this colour.
  • For a boho style, opt for a dark green, long and flowy dress with ruffles. Wear with cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat. Complete the look with a loose cardigan, gold jewellery or a seashell necklace.

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