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What shoes and accessories to choose for a pink dress?

Pink is a colour that is either loved or avoided like hell. And it's a shame, because pink is a very graceful colour that flatters virtually all types of female beauty. With a little effort, each of us can find a shade that will beautifully accentuate her complexion. Choosing accessories can be a bit more tricky. That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the right shoes to go with your pink dress - depending on the occasion, of course.

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What shoes and accessories to choose with a navy blue dress?

Next to black, white and grey, navy blue is one of the classic and timeless colours. For this reason, we like to choose it especially for elegant occasions such as weddings and receptions, communions, christenings, but also for work or business meetings. If it's also your favourite colour, you're probably wondering what accessories and shoes to choose for a navy blue dress. In the guide below, we exhaust the answer to this question.

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Which suit shoes to choose? The complete guide for men.

Probably every man sooner or later faces a very important question: which shoes to choose for his suit? This duo is so inseparable that we usually plan to buy shoes and a suit at the same time. We also all know that the two pieces should blend together, but how do we achieve this effect? There are certain rules governing the choice of footwear for such an elegant outfit as a suit. It's worth knowing them so that you can make a good impression in any situation, and above all avoid a fashion slip-up.

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Flat dress shoes - how to choose and what to wear with them?

Not all of us love stilettos. The reasons why we opt for flat shoes to go with a dress vary. Most often we are driven by comfort, especially when we know we have a few hours on our feet ahead of us or want to dance the night away. Sometimes the reason can be our tall height. We don't like to look down on others or we don't want to be taller than our partner. Still another motivation could simply be our individual taste. After all, well-fitting flat shoes with a dress look stylish and can be very fashionable.

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What shoes and accessories to choose for a black dress?

The black dress is a classic, no matter what cut it comes in. What's more, it is such a versatile model that, with a variety of accessories, the same outfit can be worn in several very different ways. Depending on which shoes you choose to go with your black dress, you can wear it to work, a party or an important event. Here's how to create glamorous looks with a black dress.

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What shoes and accessories to choose for a green dress?

Green in various shades is one of the top colours in recent seasons. However, regardless of fashion and changing trends, it's worth having one or even several dresses in this colour in your wardrobe. Why? Because it suits many occasions, and each of us can choose the shade that emphasises her beauty type. Of course, the whole look won't be complete without the right footwear. In this article, you will find out which shoes go with a green dress and what it depends on.

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