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What shoes and accessories to choose for a white dress?


A white dress just for your own wedding? Not necessarily. There are many occasions where you can appear in a white outfit, not just formal ones. The effect you get will largely be determined by the accessories you choose. Here we tell you which jewellery, handbag or shoes go with a white dress and how to combine them to look stylish.

Shoes for a white dress - which ones go with it?

Before discussing important details such as the colour of the footwear, let's start with the basics. In this case, what matters first and foremost is the occasion and situation during which we will appear in white. Will our outfit be worn to work, parties or perhaps formal meetings or receptions? This is all something we need to take into account when choosing shoes to go with a white dress. Of course, it could be that its cut is universal and, depending on the accessories, we will be the ones to give the styling a casual or festive feel. All the more reason to know which shoes to wear with a white dress will create a casual or sophisticated elegance.

Let's say it's an everyday, casual outfit, with a white linen or cotton dress playing the main role. In such an outfit, we can confidently go to the office, the shop, on a date, a walk or an informal meeting. Shoes to go with a white dress for this type of outing really depend on your mood and, of course, the weather. Both sandals and sneakers or tennis shoes, moccasins or boots on platforms will be here to stay.

And what shoes to wear with a white dress for more festive occasions? In this case, let's rather opt for classic pumps or heeled sandals.

What colour shoes to choose with a white dress?

Choosing the colour of shoes to go with a white dress is not such a simple matter and in this case, too, a lot will depend on the type of occasion. For example, casual white shoes with a dress of the same colour, such as trainers, trainers, moccasins or tennis shoes, will be just fine.

On the other hand, the combination of a long, elegant dress and pumps in white will make you look like a bride. So if it's a festive occasion, opt rather for silver or gold shoes to go with the white dress. You can also opt for pink or blue.

And what shoes to wear with the white dress we wear to the office? This kind of outfit ranks between casual casual and formal elegance. We're talking, for example, about schmisseries or pencil dresses that we wear with jackets and blazers. When it comes to footwear, we have quite a lot of room for manoeuvre. Classic pumps in striking colours work well. Red or navy blue shoes will look great with a white dress, especially if you choose a handbag or jewellery in the same colour.

Although such a combination was once considered a fashion blunder, today we know that black shoes with a white dress can create an avant-garde look. Ideally, the overall look should be minimalist. Brighten up this duo with silver designer jewellery.

Two-tone white dress - what shoes to choose?

White is often found in various colour combinations. A very popular combination is, for example, the duo of black and white. We are talking about creations in dots, peas, stripes, but also various graphic patterns. What shoes are most suitable for a black and white dress? We can confidently opt for shoes in one of these colours. The white in this combination will not smack of a bridal outfit and the black will not overwhelm us. Another option is to opt for a contrasting, striking colour, such as red, cobalt or fuchsia - both when it comes to shoes for the black and white dress and accessories. Women's polka dot creations ask for delicate subtle jewellery, while those in stripes go with geometric earrings and pendants.

The same applies if you want to match shoes to a grey and white dress or a creation that combines white and another colour. The shoes and the rest of the accessories should correspond with one of the colours or be a strong contrast to it.

Which shoes to choose with a white floral dress?

This airy, girly summer outfit looks best with classic pumps, wedges or sandals. Wear with cowboy boots. If it's a casual dress, trainers and trainers are also appropriate.

What shoes to wear with a white lace dress?

Lace itself is very glamorous and chic, so when it comes to footwear, don't go overboard with the amount of embellishments, rhinestones or crystals. Ideally, the shoes for a white lace dress should be elegant but fairly simple: white, black or cream, with a satin sheen. They can also be satin.

We can go wild if the dress has a more casual and casual feel. In that case, cowboy or suede boots, sandals or platform shoes will work.

Shoes for a white boho dress - which ones to choose?

Boho dresses are a broad term. They can have lace elements, stitching, embroidery and appliqués. They are characterised by a rather loose cut, but this is not the rule. Shoes for a white boho dress should accentuate the whole look. Cowboy boots are ideal, but lace-up sandals will also work well. Stylish moccasins are also a good idea. If you like to break the convention, wear casual trainers with this outfit.

Choosing shoes and accessories for a white wedding dress

Choosing a white dress for someone else's wedding always involves controversy and ideally should be consulted with the bride. As long as our creation does not resemble or overshadow her outfit, there should not be much of a problem. Additionally, shoes for a white wedding dress can provide a distinctive accent. You can go wild and go for a strong colour: cobalt, emerald or fuchsia. It's a good idea to compare the overall styling and all the accessories of the white dress with the main star of the event to avoid awkwardness and unpleasant comments.

What accessories to match with a white dress?

White is a graceful base for creating different compositions. Depending on the material and cut, we can create different effects. Accessories for white dresses in boho style should refer to this climate. Choose strings of beads, silver and gold necklaces or pendants and ethnic earrings. Complete the look with a cowboy hat and brown fringed bag.

Striking jewellery in geometric shapes and a large black bag-bag are great additions to a minimalist white dress. If you're going for classic elegance at work, opt for subtle gold or silver jewellery. Wear a straw hat with your white floral dress.

It is very interesting to accessorise a white dress in strong, bold colours such as emerald, cobalt, red or amaranth. You can also combine them in one look, such as wearing emerald pumps and matching a fuchsia or cobalt-coloured handbag. A white dress will make a beautiful backdrop for such combinations, and you will leave a memorable impression.

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