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What shoes and accessories to choose for a black dress?


The black dress is a classic, no matter what cut it comes in. What's more, it is such a versatile model that, with a variety of accessories, the same outfit can be worn in several very different ways. Depending on which shoes you choose to go with your black dress, you can wear it to work, a party or an important event. Here's how to create glamorous looks with a black dress.

The black dress - an eternal classic!

Every woman has probably heard of the little black dress. Its history dates back to 1926, when it first appeared in the pages of Vogue. It was an extremely daring creation for the time, but immediately entered the women's fashion canon as a symbol of class and timeless chic. It's a good idea to have a few black dresses in your wardrobe and you probably won't necessarily stop yourself from buying more models. However, even if you are neither a fan of black nor of the classics, in this article we convince you that it is worth betting on the little black dress. Even one and the same model will look completely different, depending on which shoes you choose to go with your black dress. By changing your accessories accordingly, you will be able to vary your styling.

Which black dress to choose? Long or short?

Of course, it's best to invest in a black dress in mini and maxi versions. The former is the perfect choice for any event when you want to look feminine, sexy and seductive. If you match it with classic stilettos, not necessarily black, you will emphasise your assets even more. Contrary to what you may think, a high heel for a black mini is not a must. Ballerinas or flat pumps add a casual and perverse touch.

A slightly longer knee-length version of the black dress will be suitable for all kinds of formal occasions - at work, business meetings, presentations, school and family celebrations. In such a creation you will look modest, neat and at the same time extremely elegant. What are the best shoes for a black knee-length dress? If you want to keep the look restrained, choose classic low-heeled pumps.

The black maxi dress is the perfect choice for evening balls and banquets, as well as for going to the opera. If you want to emphasise its sophistication and elegance, match it with covered pumps. If you're going for a more extravagant look, crystal-embellished heeled sandals will be perfect. What's the best shoe colour for a black dress? There's plenty of scope for choice, as black plays well with all colours, except perhaps pastels.

Shoes to go with a black long dress

If you're wondering what shoes go with a black maxi dress but don't like stilettos, we have good news. This look will look great with casual or party wear, such as sandals or heavy workers. Another idea is to combine a black long dress with platform shoes. This way, you will look youthful and casual. A loose jumper or long jacket can be layered over the dress. Women's boots and cowboy boots also go well with the long black dress. The most famous long black dress is the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". To copy this look, match with round-toe pumps on a flat heel or ballerinas.

Boots to go with black leather dress

Such a creation is a great idea for a crazy night out at the club, a New Year's Eve party or a carnival party. The first idea when it comes to what shoes to wear with a black sequined dress would be best is, of course, stilettos. However, it can be difficult to dance the night away in them. Lower heeled pumps will also work great. Remember moderation. Sequins are very glamorous, so when it comes to shoes, go for minimalism.

Boots to go with black leather dress

A leather outfit is the essence of sex appeal. Classic stiletto pumps or block heels will go well with it. If you like, you can break up the look in an interesting way with platform shoes or baggers. High boots, jackboots or cowboy boots are also a great addition.

Shoes for black lace dress

Lace combined with black creates an impression of extraordinary elegance. Black lace has a long historical pedigree and a permanent place among fashion trends. In the past, it was worn by queens and aristocrats, and later by cinema icons. Today, any of us can wear it to a wedding, a formal gala or a ball. What shoes go well with a black lace dress? Preferably black or silver stilettos, but pumps with a lower heel will not be a failing.

Shoes for black floral dress

A girly look like this calls for sandals, but you can also spice things up by wearing platforms or heavy-duty women's workers. Add a pair of cabarettes for an even more avant-garde look.

Shoes for a black wedding dress

If you feel most comfortable in black, there's nothing stopping you from appearing in it at your wedding. What are the best shoes to wear with a black wedding dress? Shoes that liven up a muted outfit. Go for openwork sandals or pumps in shades of red, gold or silver.

Accessories for a black dress - how to choose them?

The choice of accessories for a black dress is truly vast. You can choose minimalist jewellery for simple cuts, as well as strong accents in the form of geometric pendants or trendy stones and crystals. The more ornate the material, the less rich jewellery it needs. Black goes beautifully with gold and silver. The classic is, of course, the little black dress combined with a string of pearls, and this is a styling that every woman should try once in her life to feel truly special.

Some styling with black shoes and dress

If you'd like to get inspired and find out what shoes to wear with a black dress will create a memorable look, follow our ideas:

  • For a classic look, try a traditional little black dress with a boat neckline or half-circle neckline, sleeveless. Match with black low-heeled pumps and a string of pearls. You'll look like a movie icon.
  • The business-casual little black dress will go well with a white jacket and low-heeled pumps with a black nose. Add a clutch bag and discreet earrings.
  • Pair the youthful short black dress with platform shoes or worker boots. Complete the outfit with a bomber jacket or leather ramones.
  • Parisian chic - opt for a black button-down dress with a flared bottom, nipped-in waist, collar and ruffles. Match this feminine outfit with open-work sandals or pumps with an ankle strap.
  • The 90s - wear a black, long and simple satin dress. Be sure to wear it with spaghetti straps and a high slit at the side. Wear with baggy boots or platform shoes. Add an extended jacket in a neon colour. platform shoes.

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