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What shoes and accessories to go with a burgundy dress?


The burgundy dress is considered the quintessential example of elegance and femininity. For this reason, it is a popular choice for celebrities who plan to appear on the red carpet. Women wear it for dates and business meetings, but they also like to wear it every day. Its deep shade allows it to stand out from the crowd, yet it does not look gaudy, but looks extremely classy. Even the company dress code allows maroon dresses. These come in many cuts and also differ in details, including the shape of the neckline, the length of the sleeves or the presence of decorative elements. Women often wonder which shoes to wear with a maroon dress will ensure a striking outfit. This article abounds with useful tips.

Burgundy dresses - an enduring hit

Burgundy dresses have been enduringly popular for years. Women like to wear them for business meetings, weddings, christenings, holidays, dates and everyday outings with friends. Penelope Cruz is a famous actress who often appears on the red carpet in burgundy creations. These magnificently accentuate her southern beauty and add to her confidence during interviews with journalists. The peak in popularity of burgundy dresses is noted around Christmas, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. They look extremely feminine and sensual. They provide an elegant yet glamorous look, catching the eye. Maroon dresses suit more people than blood red. In addition, they can also be worn to work where there is a dress code. However, the cut must meet strict formal requirements.

Which beauty does the burgundy dress suit?

According to colour analysis, red suits every woman, but in a slightly different way. There are 4 main types of beauty, and each type is divided into 3 sub-types. Winter and summer are the cool beauty types, while spring and autumn are the warm beauty types. Contrast also plays an important role. According to research conducted by Katarzyna Soja, women with harmonious beauty types (summer and autumn) predominate in Poland. Representatives of contrasting beauty (spring and winter) are in the minority. In addition, the selection of shades that are directly adjacent to the face and emphasise its qualities should be guided by the type-specific priority. For winter with a spring subtype, it is contrast, while for summer with a winter subtype, it is cool tones.

Each beauty type has a sister type from which it can borrow certain colours. E.g. an autumn with a summer subtype exchanges them with a summer with an autumn subtype. Accurate colour analysis requires knowledge and the right tools, including a colour wheel chart. However, any woman can determine whether a particular colour suits her by putting it to her face. The best way to do this is to take a picture of yourself in it and then compare it with the best and worst colour. For example, a woman whose teal (sea green) suits her and beige washes her out should see how burgundy behaves against their background.

In addition, it is worth determining whether a person looks better in cool or warm colours. Their saturation and degree of brightness are also important. Maroon is a dark, deep red that sometimes rubs against brown tones. It most compliments the beauty of autumn and winter, although winter with a sub-type of spring usually feels overwhelmed by it.

What shoe colours go well with burgundy dresses?

When preparing for a date or a carnival ball, many women wonder what colour shoes go best with a burgundy dress. This noble shade of red works well with black shoes. Both wardrobe pieces are quite dark. Some women choose to wear burgundy dresses with burgundy shoes. This solution always works, so when in doubt, go for the most obvious combination. For larger outings, you can afford gold pumps, which look extremely impressive. The gold envelope clutch will prove to be the clasp that cinches the carnival styling. In addition, those wondering what shoes go with a burgundy dress should look out for dark brown, navy, dark grey, dark green, dark mustard and dark olive sandals.

Which shoes to choose for a short or long burgundy dress?

When considering what shoes to wear with a burgundy dress, it is worth considering the length of the creation. Different models of shoes will work well with mini, midi and maxi. In addition, the nature of the dress and the occasion for which it has been chosen plays a key role. For a short, informal burgundy dress, ballerinas, sneakers, flat sandals, moccasins, loafers and ladies' lords. On the other hand, if the outfit has been bought with an upcoming wedding in mind, it is better to opt for heeled sandals or pumps.

A long burgundy dress can be overwhelming and deform the figure. For this reason, many women wear heeled shoes with it. These optically lengthen the legs and slenderise the silhouette. In summer, flip-flops and heeled sandals are ideal. In autumn and winter, high boots and stilettoes. Women of model height often prioritise their comfort, so choose ballerinas, moccasins and trainers. However, even they should reach for heeled shoes in formal situations.

What shoes to wear with a lace burgundy dress?

Lace is considered an extremely sensual material that is partially see-through, but does not show everything and therefore arouses interest. In some creations, it appears only on the sleeves, while in others it is sewn onto the main material of the dress, for example at the neckline. It gives the garment an elegant character. Women often wonder what shoes to wear with a maroon lace dress. Sneakers and trainers don't go well with them because of their sporty cut. Moccasins, lords or loafers, on the other hand, are shoes inspired by the men's wardrobe. Of the flat models, smooth work best ballerinaswork best. Some women sometimes opt for a model decorated with lace. In addition, pumps, heeled sandals, stiletto heeled boots and stiletto heeled boots go well with the aforementioned creation.

Shoes for a burgundy wedding dress

The end of April marks the start of the wedding season, which lasts until mid-autumn. The maroon dress is considered elegant without distracting from the bride's outfit, which is the most important on that day. However, it is difficult to choose the right shoes. On the one hand, comfort seems to be extremely tempting, on the other hand, it is the perfect opportunity to present yourself in a glamorous outfit. Women wonder which shoes are best to match with a maroon wedding dress in order to reconcile these two seemingly contradictory expectations. Those who do not feel confident in heels, even small ones, can reach for ballerinas. These extremely comfortable shoes will keep you on the dance floor until dawn. Women who appreciate elegant wedding outfits choose post sandals and pumps with a small heel. These are much more comfortable than the classic 10-centimetre stilettos. A solemn occasion such as a wedding presents the perfect opportunity to use glamour accessories, including gold shoes and handbags. These can be embellished with small crystals or sequins.

Accessories for a burgundy dress - go for gold

Maroon dress - which shoes and handbag go best with it? This is a question that can be found in many threads set up on social media. Maroon is associated with wealth, as this colour was once worn by kings and the highest-ranking clergy. The deep red emphasised their social status. For this reason, the best accessories for a burgundy dress are those in golden colours. As a warm beauty type, autumn looks great in this precious metal. Winter, on the other hand, is cool, so she should opt for pale gold accessories. Although shoes and a handbag are away from the face and do not have to be chosen for the beauty type, jewellery poses difficulties. Earrings and necklaces look best when they come in a shade that compliments the person. Winter wears silver more often than gold, and these two precious metals start to "bite" when combined. This problem can be solved by choosing gold accessories in the form of shoes and a handbag, while forgoing jewellery. In addition, some women choose to wear black earrings and pearls.

What accessories to go with a burgundy dress? Recently, the juxtaposition with handbags and shoes in a plaid intrecciato weave has been very popular. This trend has been popularised by Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta. Women are also opting for dark brown shoes and handbags. Some opt for models studded with black sequins. A black handbag with a gold chain and black ballerinas, meanwhile, go well with everyday outfits. Fashion influencers are increasingly opting for a total look. For this reason, they match a burgundy dress with shoes and a handbag in the same colour.

Boots and burgundy dress - styling

A long burgundy dress is a great option for larger outings, while a lace creation is worth wearing on a date. This popular garment has also found its way into casual wear. This section of the article shows examples of styles with burgundy dresses and shoes.

The short burgundy bodycon dress pairs well with black patterned tights, paired with black heeled boots. This simple trick will optically lengthen your legs. The best choice is a pair of autumn boots with a tight fitting upper, which complement the sensuality of the outfit. In order not to look too sexy, a black oversize jacket can be used to tone down the outfit.

Maroon knitted maxi dresses with a fitted cut are very popular in winter. Paired with dark brown heeled boots and a long dark brown wool coat, the look is very chic. Style the look with a mustard handbag.

The maroon skater dress is the perfect dress for spring and summer. It has an informal character and stands out for its high wearing comfort. Ballerinas and a handbag in deep green create an interesting look with it.

The burgundy A-line lace dress pairs perfectly with a black clutch bag and black stilettos. It is the ideal choice for carnival balls and wedding celebrations, as it is the quintessence of elegance.

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