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What shoes and accessories to choose with a navy blue dress?


Next to black, white and grey, navy blue is one of the classic and timeless colours. For this reason, we like to choose it especially for elegant occasions such as weddings and receptions, communions, christenings, but also for work or business meetings. If it's also your favourite colour, you're probably wondering what accessories and shoes to choose for a navy blue dress. In the guide below, we exhaust the answer to this question.

The navy blue dress is still on trend!

Why does the navy blue dress never go out of fashion? Because it's a muted, tasteful colour that suits many formal and less formal occasions. Navy blue has its flashes, meaning that it is sometimes particularly fashionable in a particular season. However, it always remains a versatile, classic choice. This is why you can have several dresses in this colour in your wardrobe, depending on the occasion. The answer to the question of what shoes to wear with a navy blue dress depends on several factors.

It used to be that navy blue dress was associated exclusively with formal and even business attire. Navy blue was the colour reserved for school uniforms, but it also appeared in soldiers' or workers' uniforms, as well as on aprons. Fortunately, today it has seen many variations, including extravagant and casual ones. Find out what colour shoes go with a navy blue dress by reading the rest of our guide.

Short or long navy blue dress - which will be better?

It depends, of course - both on the occasion and your individual mood. Obviously, for elegant galas, business meetings or business dinners, very short dresses are forbidden. However, at weddings, communions and christenings, you can wear a mini. And what are the best shoes for a navy blue mini dress? It's a length that allows for different variations and it's not at all said that only stilettos will be suitable. Let's remember that the combination of a short dress and high-heeled shoes adds femininity and sex appeal - it's up to us whether we want to expose these qualities. Any type of high-heeled shoe can be worn with the mini, including those with a flat sole.

A long navy blue dress is the perfect choice for grand galas, wedding anniversaries, weddings, banquets and balls. Navy blue is chic and classy in itself, and the maxi length further enhances this impression. Let's decide on such a set if we want to emphasise the rank and seriousness of the ceremony. And what colour shoes should you wear with a navy blue maxi dress for a special occasion? Black will add elegance, but will look conservative and perhaps even a little boring. It's easy to opt for something more extravagant, such as red, gold or silver stilettos. Navy blue goes beautifully with emerald green, so emerald green sandals will liven up the look. Brown, on the other hand, will make it less elegant.

Should you choose stilettos or flat shoes for a navy blue dress?

You've chosen your outfit and now you're wondering what shoes will be most appropriate with a navy blue dress? If you are hesitating between stilettos and flat shoes, we suggest that the length of your creation will be the most important factor in this case. The secret is not to expose too short a calf, as this optically shortens your legs. What does this mean in practice? If you plan to wear a mini and knee-length dresses, you can choose any type and height of heel you like, and even flat shoes, high boots and half-calf length cowboy boots or boots. Much of your legs will be visible anyway, so it doesn't matter if they reach all the way to the sky. Likewise with maxi lengths, which in turn cover the whole of the legs - the problem of visually shortening falls away.

And what shoes to wear with a navy blue midi dress? Some people find this a problematic length, but it doesn't have to be if you follow a few rules. First and foremost, we advise against shoes whose upper ends just below the hem of the dress, whether they are heeled or flat sole. Only a short section of the calf will remain visible, which simply shortens the legs. However, you can wear ballerinas, high boots and knee-high boots, as well as stiletto heels pumps or platforms, with the midi dress

Shoes for a navy blue dress - how to choose?

We've already discussed shoe length and cut, now let's clarify which shoe colour is best for a navy blue dress. The scope for choice is really huge. For very formal outfits, such as for work and business meetings, we advise classic - black and brown slippers will work perfectly. If you can afford to be more extravagant, remember that navy blue and red is the perfect combination, so you can make a big impression and remain elegant. Maroon pumps are just as tasteful. For larger events such as weddings, parties or banquets, we recommend going even crazier. Liven up your navy blue dress with gold or silver stilettos or heeled sandals, and accentuate the chicness of your creation.

Shoes for a navy blue sparkly dress

Navy blue is a colour that often appears in satin or satin creations. No wonder, as chic and class go hand in hand. What shoes should you choose to go with a navy blue satin dress? Preferably equally elegant. Stiletto heels, preferably burgundy, gold or silver, are the perfect choice.

Shoes for a navy blue sequin dress

Sequins get all the attention and are very glamorous. If you don't know what shoes to choose for your navy blue sequined dress, remember to keep things in moderation. Choose classic stilettos or delicate heeled sandals without any extra embellishments.

Shoes to go with navy blue lace dress

While lace emphasises the glamour of the creation, it is more conservative than, for example, sequins. Therefore, the answer to the question of what shoes to wear with a navy blue lace dress allows for more craziness. You can indulge in gold or silver stilettos, even with brocade trim, glitter, decorative rhinestones or crystals. Especially since lace is a material often chosen for very formal occasions such as weddings or New Year's Eve balls.

Boots for a navy blue pea dress The navy blue pea dress is the pinnacle of French style and taste. It is charming and seductive at the same time, especially in the button-down version, with small buffets and a wide bottom.This dress is best matched with classic stilettos or peep toe pumps with an open toe, as well as heeled sandals of any kind.

Shoes for a navy blue wedding dress

Weddings are a special occasion - very festive, yet allowing for a lot of craziness in styling. Which shoes to wear with a navy blue wedding dress would be the best choice? If you really want to shine, go for shiny stilettos. Love avant-garde combinations? Opt for fuchsia-coloured shoes. Want to brighten up your outfit? Wear soft, flesh-coloured strappy sandals.

Accessories for a navy blue dress - what to go for?

There are many colours that work perfectly with navy blue or highlight it as a contrast. These include silver, gold, red, burgundy, emerald, beige and fuchsia. If you are wondering what shoes and accessories go with a navy blue dress, remember that the shoes and handbag should be colour-matched. Navy blue by itself is quite conservative, so if you are afraid of boredom, choose a cobalt shade or liven up the creation with lots of gold jewellery. Strong and contrasting colour accents work well as accessories.

Boots and a navy blue dress - styling

Navy blue is a graceful colour for many looks. Want to look like a French style icon? Go for a navy blue, flared pea dress, complemented by red stilettos and a handbag. Have an important presentation coming up and want to emphasise your professionalism? A classic navy blue princeska dress and beige stiletto pumps will do the trick. Going to a wedding? Opt for a cobalt blue dress, which you can contrast with emerald or fuchsia accessories. Looking for the perfect summer outfit for work? Opt for a navy blue smock, same-coloured ballerinas and a beige or white handbag to liven things up.

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